Carole & Tuesday Episode 11: With or Without You

Drama starts off immediately as we pick up from where last week ended. Tuesday opened up the birthday box which let out a smoke with her painfully clinging onto her hand. Just like I suspected, what was inside was dry ice. Touching that, Tuesday burned her hand a bit badly. People hear the commotion and Gus, Roddy, and some of the staff rush in to survey the incident while trying to help Tuesday’s wound, and also finding the perpetrator. The girls manage to perform, and the perpetrator…well, it wasn’t surprising who it was.

We’re nearing the end of this arc, thank goodness. Tuesday gets patched up but she can’t play her guitar because of her injury. So, the girls improvise and remember a song of theirs where they had trouble incorporating the guitar. After the MC is done making Ertegun stall for them, the girls walk on stage with just Carole’s keyboard. This sparks lots of questions but one of the judges brings up Carole’s background. I wonder if Carole’s family is going to come into play? Really, I would love if they strayed a bit from the music and focused more on the characters and their backgrounds because we’re almost halfway into the show and this is something the show is still lacking a lot.

To no one’s surprise (sigh), Carole and Tuesday beat Pyotr in their round and they’re moving on to finals against Angela. There’s a lot of back and forth of who the attacker is, Gus thinking it’s Dahlia, Angela thinking it’s Katy who is completely crushed to hear, but then we find out it’s Cybelle because of course it is. She’s arrested and Tuesday is shocked to hear her say it’s her fault for lying and whatever. Once Tuesday gets her hand checked out and given the okay to play her guitar in a week, the girls have a talk. Carole finally brings up that the problem is that Tuesday doesn’t like to speak her mind or bring things up and that she wasn’t focused before. Which is true. I can’t say that I like Tuesday as a character. She’s nothing more than the nice girl because I can’t really find anything else to describe her, and I can say the same as Carole. But Carole is afraid of losing to Angela and going back to odd jobs and singing on the bridge, but Carole mentions that Tuesday has a home to go back to. Carole is on her own, and it’s always been that way for her. Right now the girls don’t seem very connected, and judge Catherine even said that. Other than music, what keeps them together? Why do the two need each other? I get that they’re friends and yet I still don’t feel that connection.

When Tuesday retorts that while she has a home, no one is waiting for her because no one came to look for her, I couldn’t help but laugh when the car pulled up of the guys working under her mom to bring her back home. Wow, great timing.

The men are rough and throw her into the car and drive away, with Carole running after it and even jumping on it. Not going to lie, it was pretty cool. But she falls off and the men drive off with Tuesday, leaving Carole alone. Too bad Gus and Roddy didn’t make it in time.

An okay episode. It was obvious Cybelle placed the present, but I felt bad for Katy (as creepy as sniffing the lipstick was). Once Angela found out it wasn’t Katy that planted the present, she looked guilty so I hope that Angela goes to apologize to her and treat her much better than before. Not much to say about the song or anything else, I hope that there might be some development for the girls soon. Tuesday may think no one cares about her, but she’ll learn her brother actually does.

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