Magic-kyun! Renaissance – Episode 11 [You Are the Prince of Destiny]

For the event committee’s first project, they’ve decided to hold a Halloween party. They have a list of activities they’d like to include, but they’ve also decided that they the committee will be putting on a play. Kohana has recruited her roommate Juri as an “acting instructor” to help guide them through putting on the play.

Juri’s idea is to do a modern take on Sleeping Beauty. Kohana will of course play the princess, and each of the guys on the event committee will compete for the role of the prince. Juri runs the guys through a list of physical and mental activities (complete with the guys re-enacting the kissing scene with a stuffed bunny), and though Aoi and Rintaro are the strongest competition, the winner in the end is (naturally) Teika. Monet and the vlcsnap-00025others are given other roles.

At the end of the episode, everyone has memorized the lines for their role and is practicing the play together. Kohana is about to enter the stage for one of the final scenes, but she has a small dizzy spell and brushes it off. Once Kohana is on the stage with the guys, Teika gives Kohana a flower to add to the bouquet she’s holding, and her sparkles start to lift into the air – but then they shatter! It’s pretty clear that something is seriously wrong when Kohana faints into Teika’s arms.

As she awakens, Todo-sensei and the Hoshigei principal show up. The principal apologizes for being “too late” and tells Kohana that he’s sorry but she has to leave Hoshigei. Whaaaat?!

My thoughts: Well this is a plot twist I didn’t see coming. I thought the flaw from the committee’s monument would be because of Teika or one of the guys, not from Kohana.

So Kohana’s being asked to leave because, I’m guessing, she’s sick and this will affect her ability to manifest her Light of Arte? Is this something that can she can recover from, or will it be terminal? I have questions dammit! And of course this is happened just as her relationship with Teika is starting to bloom, blah blah vlcsnap-00029blah. (Still not a shipper. -_- )

Aside from the whole Kohana-being-sick part of the episode, this episode was actually pretty funny even though it was a little predictable. Juri awarded points to each of the guys based on how much like a prince they were acting, even if they won the actual event. Like Kanato and Rintaro both did very well in the race, though Teika ended up winning at the last moment, but Louis and Aoi got the most points because they had better form and cared less about winning the race. I really liked the “intelligence competition” because Aoi mopped the floor with everyone in that.

I also thought it was a nice touch that Aoi and Teika’s ping-pong match ended up helping to repair their damaged friendship. =^_^=

Basically I really like how Magic-kyun! Renaissance mixes both comedy and romance. Yeah it’s a reverse harem and there’s lots of sexy guys, but it’s still a relatively light-hearted series too. I’m really enjoying it, and it’s one of my favourite shows so far that I’ve covered.

2 more episodes to go, and it looks like next week the guys put a lot of effort into trying to cheer Kohana up. I’m curious the most about what Kohana’s illness is, if she is indeed sick, and why it means she has to leave Hoshigei.




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