Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 1: Survival Strategy [First Impression]

Takakura Kanba and Shouma are told that their sister does not have much time to live and not further treatment can be done to save her. Himari is sent home with her brothers where she gets to have a ‘Himari Day’. With that said, she requests to go to the aquarium to see the penguins, after seeing them she and Shouta go to the souvinir shop where they find a cute Pengiun hat. As Shouma goes to pay for it he realizes that Himari disappeared and seconds later after his brother arrived to meet up with them again they hear that a girl had collasped, who ended up being their sister. They rush to the hospital but the dreaded day has come far sooner than they had hoped for, Himari finally dies.
However something extraordinary happens! Suddenly they find Himari sitting up in her deathbed wearing the penguin hat Shouta had bought her exclaiming, “SURVIVAL STRATEGY”, the brothers quickly learn that their sister is possessed by something who declares that she has come from their path of fate and tells them to rejoice that she has extended Himari’s life. Before she could say anything further, the hat slips off snapping her out of it. The brothers then are told they have experienced a miracle as she had revived and on top of that her conditions are now stabled.
Back at home in peace, no longer worried about their sister’s fate, they receive a frozen delivery package with what looked to be eggs inside. After Shouma heads home from school he finds himself followed by a penguins who conveniently helps him out. Much to his horror nobody but him can see it, but he soon learns after returning home that his brother and sister also can see it and that the three of them each have one as a companion. Suddenly Himari is possessed again by the hat where they find themselves in a whole new world and are told that they must find the Penguin Drum.

First Impression:

Omg that was such a bad summary @_@; I’m so sorry. I’m not feeling well today \;A;/

Holy shit. You can really tell that it’s the director of Revolutionary Girl Utena, because of the style of the animation!!!!!

So far I’m loving what I see for the characters. It’s really interesting because things are about to get super complicated between the two brothers.
For a fact I’m not fond of brother x sister romantic relationships, but man things are going to get ugly, but at the same time interesting. Despite that, I’m still looking forward to this show, and considering I was able to tolerate Yuri during Revolutionary Girl Utena, I’m sure – as long as they do it well enough, I can enjoy this just as much.

The penguins are absolutely adorable and by all means making the story rather interesting, especially that its only the three of them, Shouma, Kanba and Himari can see them. The hat Shouma bought for Himari – is the fault for getting them into this while at the same time had revived her after she had died and has been curing her for the time being. It seems they are looking for the Penguindrum, perhaps when they find it their sister will be given the chance to be completely cured without the goddess (I’m assuming its a goddess/divine being right now)’s powers.

I’m loving the animation, it just blows me away. As some may know already I’m NOT a fan of 3D animation, but I’m not picky about it if it’s decent. In this case, it’s FABULOUS! Very smooth, not rough around the edges, it doesn’t look like plastic, this is GOOD 3D effects. Best of all they aren’t abusing it, they are using it for simple symbolism, and not going over the top with it (so far that is, let hope it stays that way).

Possibility of Blogging: YES!
Possibility of Watching: ABSOLUTELY.


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4 Responses

  1. Vantage says:

    I actually had a dodgy time watching the first 5mins or so, but I warmed up to it really quickly ^^ Could possibly be one of this season’s hidden gems.

    Creepy stalking penguin is creepy xD

    • Eva says:

      I think so too. XD Out of all the shows so far, this one will probably stand out the most. So I’m totally looking forward to this.
      D: Besides the penguins are cute!!!

  2. TimesTicking says:

    This anime was surprisingly good o.o
    Gotta love the penguins XD I wish I had one of them serving me ^^

    • Eva says:

      When you got Kunihiko Ikuhara being the director, you KNOW there’s a high potential of this being good. XD

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