Happiness Charge Precure Ep 9

Welp, I wasn’t expecting to get Mermaid Melody feels when Cure Honey started singing, but I did. Made me really nostalgic thinking back when I had watched it almost seven years ago, but it was a nice feeling. That said, she had a great voice so as corny as her song was, I still enjoyed it.

I find it quite amusing how for the first time, I found myself rooting for the villain, General Oresky, to defeat the girls in order to knock them off their high horse. Frankly speaking, I quite surprised to see that they are still as cocky as they were last week. It is certainly a different take from the previous Precures series I have seen, especially when they subtly highlighted the fact that Hime most likely knows exactly why Fortune doesn’t consider her trustworthy. When Megumi had asked her about her relationship with Cure Fortune, she quickly brushed it off and changed the subject. Whatever it is, I am hoping this secret is actually a big secret to begin, but I am not holding out for any high expectations because the odds of me wounding up disappointed with the ultimate revelation is definitely higher, especially since this is a kids’ show.

I find it very interesting how Blue doesn’t know how or when Cure Fortune became a Precure Warrior (or so he claims). It appears he has contacts with other precures such as the ones we have seen in last week’s episode who will be featured with him next week. This probably applies to Cure Honey as well, which I must say is incredibly refreshing to see the girls already a Precure Warrior as oppose to becoming one on the spot. That said, it is obvious that it’s Yuuko who is Cure Honey, but I do hope we will find out how she became a Precure in the first place, along with Cure Fortune who she is most likely presently allies with.

The girls and their impatience with becoming stronger faster is quite a norm amongst youngsters. Today’s episode certainly set an example that learn and take the time to master the basics, and it will pay off in the long run. I found it incredibly important when Seji had told the girls that he isn’t doing Karate to learn how to defeat the bad guys (where as, that is the girls’ motive), but for himself. For sports like Karate, while it does teach you self-defence, it is also important that you have the right intention in mind. By doing it for yourself, it will benefit you both in health and self-confidence, by doing it just to beat people up, that is the wrong mindset, which is why Seji didn’t want to teach the girls anything else  until they understood that (and had mastered the basics).


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2 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    As silly as the song was, it really feels like it suits Yuuko’s character to simply show up and raise the girls’ morale, rather than charge into the fight herself. I’m sure she’ll end up fighting sooner rather than later, but a pacifist approach really seems to fit her.

    As for Megumi and HIme’s attitude, they didn’t really strike me as being cocky, so your comment kind of confused me. Sure, they charged into the fight determined to win it, but that’s what Precures DO. A never-give-up attitude and a determination to overcome any sort of odds no matter what happens have been vital keys to Precure victories in pretty much every series I’ve watched.

    • Eva says:

      XD;;; “Cocky’ was probably the wrong word to use in the first place. I guess I feel that it’s their attitude that is a bit different. Like sure you have the never-give-up stuff going down, but in a sense, I get the feeling since they succeeded (before last week’s and this week’s episode) they felt superior which isn’t always a bad thing except I felt they were going a it overboard a bit. I don’t know, they both came off differently compared to the other Precures I have seen in the past. But maybe it’s just me.

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