Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 8: Sugar and Coffee

“You’re bitter. With the two of us together, it’ll taste just fine! “

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Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 8 Img 0046Can we all take a moment to appreciate how precious and brave Litch was as a child and that she is a “halfy” fan that L-Elf was so against when he first met Haruto? This actually makes the newly formed alliance between L-Elf and Haruto quite special because Haruto shares that trait with her. With that said, I am really looking forward to seeing Haruto and L-Elf working together as a team, it will be so badass.

It was interesting how L-Elf reacted when Haruto announced that he will trust him. He certainly wasn’t expecting that, but it was pleasant surprise. What’s even better is that it seems when Haruto mentioned “dreams”, L-Elf actually smiled at the thought/idea and I think that right then and there made his resolve to agree to fulfill Haruto’s wish of saving everyone including themselves without any loss of lives on their side.

Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 8 Img 0039In beginning and end of the episode, we learned that when L-Elf was a child, he was an escaped prisoner of some sort, but was saved by Princess Litch who he was holding hostage before she decides to give him, “Half her Life” by cutting off a part of her hair and handing it over to him so that the solider could not harm him. It’s quite a beautiful encounter that was a life changing moment for L-Elf. Again, as I said in my previous entry: I am eager to learn more about his relationship with the Princess as they grow older and again whether this revolution of his is for the Princess’ sake or bidding her wishes.

Shouko once again proven that she is indeed the ‘Voice of Reason’ within their group. Although her rational reasoning did not stick like glue, she said it when it needed to be said. She also showed us that even though she always has a smile on her face, there are moments when she is going to be vulnerable and break down too.

Speaking of vulnerability, the student council president is absolutely losing it- even more so after having seen his sister Akira actually allowed Shouko to enter her forte. He is increasingly growing frustrated about the “shift in power” and that the students are turning to Haruto and their team. It’s actually pretty darn selfish of him to be so caught up about who has authority over another when they are in the middle of barely surviving a war and constantly fending off the Dorrisian attack. However as L-Elf as officially pledge (well i guess you could say that) alliance with them as he identifies the Dorrian Army as former comrades and had made a verbal contract with Haruto, I expect him to take charge and put people in their place if they try to do anything stupid since he is the one with all the military experience and knows of the Dorrisian Army’s tactics like the back of his hand. People will definitely be reluctant to trust him, but it will certainly be interesting how things plays out as Cain now has more reports on the VALVRAVES.

Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 8 Img 0048Of course, it turns out that Cain does in fact know a lot more than anyone else about the VALVRAVES as it was revealed that he has one of those stigmas that we had seen on the blood cell when Haruto had first bit L-Elf. The eerie part is that it appears to be permanent, and I am almost 100% sure that there’s something hidden under that eye-patch of his as well. That green object in a cage and the mention of ‘Race’ can finally connect lives together puts me on the edge as I don’t like the sound of that just because of that malicious expression on his face. I wonder what or who he is referring to as “O, bride of ours!”… There’s a focus on a VALVRAVE headpiece when he says it, so its either the VALVRAVE itself, the mascot…. or both if you were to consider their entities as one and the same.

Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 8 Img 0047While I am on the subject about the ‘Mysterious Green Bottle”, many times when we saw Cain this episode, they have constantly showed us the cage that has a you that has green object shaking/trembling so much that its actually moving. I don’t know what the hell that green thing is, but there’s one thing I know for sure: It’s fucking ALIVE. I am leaning towards the theory that perhaps it was this thing that is responsible making those who register as a VALVRAVE pilot immortal + super regenerating/healing powers.

When you squint and study the close up of the green bottle, you can make out a screw-like pin and perhaps even wires. Actually now that I look at it more, the shape of the curved wiring around the outside of the bottle makes it looks like it’s a shape of a heart. I have my doubts that what we see in there is a fairy or some sort of the ‘vampire-like’ species, so perhaps it is literally the origin of it all- which would explains why its alive.  But here’s the bigger question: How and why is it in Cain’s hands in the first place?

Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 8 Img 0030Oooh I wonder who will be piloting the Blue Valvrave? Considering the title, it could be Thunder or Kyuuma. I can see Kyuuma working his ass off during what appears to be training drills L-Elf will be organizing next week for try outs and testing potential pilots. However I’m not going to lie, I REALLY want to see L-Elf pilot a VALRAVE, I REALLY DO! IT WOULD BE SO BADASS- BUT YOU KNOW REGARDLESS OF WHAT HE PILOTS, HE WILL DO IT LIKE A BOSS. DID YOU SEE HOW HE SINGLE HANDILY DEALT WITH THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS IN A MEASLY FIGHTER JET OR WHATEVER? Like dude, nobody else could possibly pull that off like he did. NOBODY…except for the other Dorrisian Special Force Members, but you get my point.

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