AMNESIA Ep 3: Dream or Reality?

The day after Shin takes the heroine home, he confronts her that he knows something is up with her memories. The Heroine explains about her amnesia and requests him to not take her to the hospital. Shin agrees and decides to try and help her remember and informed their friend Toma about her situation as well. However when the heroine goes to work, her boss is acting differently and her co-workers point out what had happened at Shinano and mentioned that Ikki and Kent were not employees. Confused more than ever, the heroine decides to ask Shin about the accident at Shinano.


Okay so before I start, lets lay out the information we received this episode:

– Shin and Heroine have been dating for 3 Months
– The Heroine is apparently a vocalist in a band, and is in college while Shin is her junior.
– Toma knows about the amnesia since Shin told him about it
– Waka (the boss) is suddenly very different and isn’t the one whom we know of in Ep 1 and 2.
– Ikki and Kent are not employees of Meido Cafe
– Their trip to Shinano’s main activity was not to watch the Meteor Shower
– Shin apparently was eerily calm when they had found her after she had fell from the cliff
– Ukyou and the Heroine apparently had met while they were up at Shinano

AMNESIA Ep 3 Img 0008Shin found out and shared the info with Toma, so two people know about her amnesia. It’s good that he was able to fill her in, and that we were able to learn a little bit about the heroine’s background (BUT COME ON, ARE WE EVER GOING TO GET A NAME?! ;A; I know the game doesn’t have a default one (I think? I am sure I read that somewhere) but still!!!!). I was not expecting the heroine to be in a band, ahaha and of all things a vocalist! Although honestly I will laugh if this is just a ‘dream scenario’ because of the whole mess we are currently dealing with right now.

Even though the heroine had used the sensation of cold water against her hand to grasp whether it’s all a dream or in fact reality- I don’t find it as an efficient method to get a reality check since I recall a few days ago I experienced a dream that was within a dream but felt way too real and I would wake up within that dream and question whether it is real and then when I finally woke up I was looking around like, “WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?” Seriously when it’s clear in your mind like that, it’s a real pain in the ass because you are still trying to wrap your mind around it-  but that’s just me and this is fiction./SLAPPED

The fact that Ikki and Kent are suddenly not employees of Meido Cafe  and Waka’s personality just flipped 180′ on us says a lot. This definitely implies this is in fact not reality or this could possibly be one of the many routes (oh the irony) the heroine could be taking (god knows what other side effects Orion could have on her besides putting her life at risk). Or PLOT TWIST: EVERYTHING WE SAW IN THE BEGINNING WAS  A DREAM. Seriously, I feel for the girl because holy shit, this is a lot of take in and god it is confusing as hell.

Since it is hard to grasp what is and isn’t reality or whether this whole episode or prior episodes were a dream I find it a bit difficult to feel for Shin. I mean I do feel bad, especially if the fact they had started dating three months ago only for the heroine to have an amnesia and forget all about both their current relationship and their past. But there’s one thing for certain that we know about Shin: he is very sharp. He has a good perspective and is quick to catch onto things. Of course the fact the heroine couldn’t match up their conversations properly was obliviously the biggest blunder- but that can’t be fixed at the last minute when the other party keeps the blunders to themselves. We also learned from the heroine’s co-workers/friends that Shin apparently was eerily calm when they had found her after she had fell from the cliff. I see this as purposely implying that he was the one responsible for it, and that he claims it is his fault but we don’t know for certain if in this route, was an entirely different scenario of how the heroine fell off the cliff. Last week we saw her slip and fly off, Shin only caught up after she had already fallen. So it’s question of whether or not in this route, Shin had purposely or accidentally pushed her off the cliff. I would rather hope it isn’t the latter.

I am starting to think that Ukyou is going to be her way of figuring out whether she is experiencing reality or is stuck in a dream. I found it interesting that was telling her something OBVIOUSLY IMPORTANT BECAUSE THE FUCKING TRAIN TUNED IT OUT, and suddenly vanished as if he was never there in the first place.

I am relieved that Orion will be back next week. Hopefully we will get the explanation of what is triggering all of this and whether it is reality or simply a dream.

FFFF- No preview! Oh man, cliffhanger! I am looking forward to next week!


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5 Responses

  1. Bea says:

    Wanted to correct you Eva :3 Shin and the Heroine have been dating for 3 months not weeks >u<

    Gah, this episode was so intense! Made me confused like crazy, although I get the feeling the Heroine is reliving a part of her memory of each boy. On how I understood it, the first two episodes were already the future while episode 3 predicted one of her pasts. Not sure if I'm right, but oh well xD Episode 4 might enlighten us~

    Gahhh the KISS <3 <3 <3 -derp- I'm cheering for Shin and Ikki tahaha

    • Eva says:

      Ah whoops! Thank you for correcting me! XD Fixed it!
      Yeah that’s what I suspect will be happening too.
      I haven’t quite decided yet who I’m cheering for yet. We’ve only really got to see Shin and a little bit of Toma and even less of Ikki and Kent. Ukyou however definitely has my attention and I am very curious to see where it goes and how he will play a role in her memories since she has no recollection of being acquaintance with him besides the crosswalk encounter from Ep 1.

  2. Eva says:

    I’m feeling MUCH better about this anime after watching this episode. After episodes 1 and 2, all I could think was, “How do her two so-called ‘childhood friends,’ who know her SO well, and all of her coworkers, NOT realize that she can’t remember anything??” But I’m glad that this time around Shin figured it out. I don’t know who to cheer for though! It’s between Shin and Toma for me. (Well, the issue is that I want Shin for myself. :3 )

    And like you said, Eva, three cheers for Orion coming back! ^^

  3. KyokoTanemura says:

    I wish I could play the game, but unfortunately I’m not yet fluent in Japanese…I only know a few words so far in my studies. But I did read a really amazing and detailed description of each guy’s storyline from someone who can read Japanese.
    I won’t give anything away, but just be warned that this anime will be very confusing up till the end (if the writers do it right) where everything comes together. There are some great plot twists awaiting, and I’m not even upset that I read the spoilers because it took me several hours of reading and felt like an actual light novel the way she writes it.

    • Eva says:

      Hahaha yeah, I definitely expect it to be confusing.
      :3 Hopefully Aksys Games will pick it up! ;w; We need more!!!!

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