Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine Episode 1: The Royal Tutor Arrives (First Impression)

I know I said that I would cover a lot of shows this season because school wasn’t so busy. Well…I’m actually very busy. Very. But, seeing as how I feel like I won’t stick with Sakurada Reset and after seeing this episode, I wanted to write a review for this. Because I loved the episode.

Four handsome princes that looked like they came out of an actual painting, are actually the biggest assholes and idiots in the world. The typical bishounen introduction of the boys, only then to switch to Leonhard’s piece of shit expression of disgust towards Heine was hilarious. The guys showing who they truly are really was fun to watch, but the real star of the show is Heine and his complete lack of fucks for the princes’ awful attitudes.

The story is that there are these people called royal tutors that help teach and train princes to be cultured and intelligent and whatnot, I don’t think I need to explain what a tutor is. But these tutors also help the prince become ready for their princely duties. But, the king’s oldest son is already the heir but he sought out Heine because he’s taking precautions that if one day something happens to his eldest sons, his other sons will be ready to take the throne, and that’s where Heine comes in to teach them. However, when he gets there, he’s greeted with extremely rude princes that don’t even want him there. Many other royal tutors came and went, driven out by the princes’ attitudes. The king specifically appointed Heine because of the wonderful things he heard about him.

The prince we focused on today was Leonhard. Heine wanted to conduct interviews with all of the boys, but Licht left, Kai basically threatened Heine, and Bruno set his own time. So he forced Leonhard to be the first one. On paper, Leonhard is an incredibly handsome boy. He’s is very humble and kind. But really he’s kind of an ass, and very childish. And while he may appear confident on the outside, he’s actually not confident in himself at all. Through their segment, we got to learn a lot of things about Leonhard. The reason why he hates teachers and tutors so much is nothing too deep, but just that he really hates studying. That’s it, he just really hates studying. And whenever he’s faced with something he doesn’t like, he runs away. Which is something that he wants to fix about himself. We learn that because Heine read through Leonhard’s diary the whole time. Leonhard was putting up quite the fight, refusing to take the little test Heine has prepared for all the princes. But he caved when Heine was reading the contents of his diary out loud from out the window, which was probably the scene that had me laughing the longest.

Leonhard finishes the test and Heine congratulates him with the dessert he loves the most, sachertorte. Next week we’ll be moving on to the next prince, the prince that thinks he’s smartest guy in the whole damn world, Bruno.

I was worried that this would be a full comedy show, making this harder for me to cover but it looks like we’re going to have a lot of serious and emotional moments later on. We got a bit of serious stuff now, what with Leonhard admitting that he doesn’t really like himself and wants to change. I’m sure we’re going to get more of that with the other princes.

All of the princes have very different personalities. Leonhard is the dorky one, Bruno is the book-ish jerk, Licht is the cutesy one, and Kai is…..well, I don’t know. The violent one? Quiet one? The prince with the murderous intent? I love how Heine gave each prince their own nicknames. Seeing how different they all are I’m really excited to see how the interviews are going to go. I mean, how is Kai’s interview going to go when he doesn’t even talk. He literally only said one line this episode and it wasn’t even coherent. What is he gonna do, smash Heine in the face and then leave? I mean it’s fun imagining it. As well as these four princes, I also want to see who the eldest prince is. And there is a princess, who we’ll probably meet next episode.

But Heine is really the one that makes this show so fun. He ignores the boys’ rude remarks and just does what he came to do: tutor them. His internal dialogue were so funny it kept he interested the whole time. Not once did I think the episode was boring and Heine’s thoughts were what kept some scenes moving. But his attitude is the best. He’s a pretty no nonsense guy, he keeps the same expression on his face and he basically just doesn’t care that the princes don’t like him. They can scream and yell all they want but he’s still going to start lessons. He’ll even go as far as to read a diary out loud. This guy is just awesome. I also find it hilarious that a small cute guy like him has such a deep voice. But I actually prefer that over the small squeaky voice. And don’t worry, Heine, I also get mistaken for a kid a lot. :(

This episode was very enjoyable. It sort of had an Ouran High School feel to it. The comedy and serious bits were balanced perfectly, and I think it’ll be a really fun show to watch.

Possibility of watching: Guaranteed

Possibility of blogging: Guaranteed


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  1. DavidH says:

    Surprisingly fun to watch. The extreme personalities of the princes may get old quickly. But the theme of a clever tutor figuring out how to get around their flaws is potentially amusing.

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