Kotoura-san Episode 5

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Impression: God I can’t come up with a title this week/headesks

Hahah that was a hilarious episode. I got a good laugh out of it, mostly because Manabe did a great job getting revenge on Moritani. I lost it when he used her as the ‘bug’. I’m so sorry I do kind of feel like a bad person to find that very amusing. But at least that kind of.. uh gets back at her without making things getting ugly? The definite highlight of the episode how Manabe is always rejecting Moritani, like when she was scared from the film, he’s like, “NOPE.” Then worse comes to worse when she makes inedible food. Can’t blame anyone for not wanting to eat that. I suppose though it does help balance things out with Kotoura being very friendly and open-minded with Moritani and Manabe having bits and bits of revenge.

For Moritani to be accepted into the club with open arms, she had to proove she had a psychic ability- or in short, just do something cool that average people can’t do. As a strong martial artist, she was able to blow out the candles just by creating force with her punches. Moritani is growing on me, but I think it’s more of because I am satisfied with the treatment Manabe is giving her. We rarely see someone hold a grudge against the person who created shit within the group of the target. So I really appreciate the fact that Manabe hasn’t let the matter be slid aside just yet.

Kotoura is a klutz so being in a relay race was not easy, not to mention she had a spectacular fall after she became flustered by her classmates cheering her on thanks to Manabe’s lead. Despite she wiped out because of that, I find it very meaningful to have her classmates cheer her on. Hopefully it will be another step forward to accepting that she too is a human being and not some creepy girl.

It was SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SWEET to see Kotoura just roll of her bed and snuggle up with Manabe. When Mifune took a picture I was like, “SEND IT TO KOTOURA! SEND IT TO KOTOURA! SEND IT TO KOTOURA!” and it was even better that she showed it to both of them. *Squeals* I just love these two so much! <3 <3

Overall in comparison to last week, this episode was a lot better.  There is also a new ED which is very cute, I enjoyed watching it. Next week it’s summer vacation and we will be heading back to Kotoura’s home where it looks like they will be participating in a test of courage! BRING IT ON! :D


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  1. Nats says:

    Awesome review :)) I love this episode. it just gives you a good laugh and at the same time enjoying the story of these admirable characters :) thumbs up! MORI!

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