Dokidoki! Precure Episode 2

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Mana surprises Precure Sword when she willingly helps her out, however her feelings of willing to become a team is one-sided as Precure Sword declines and gives her a fair warning of what to expect now that she is a Precure. Afterwards, Mana tells her friend about how she became a Precure, but Rikka doesn’t believe her. When she makes her second attempt to tell her, the fairies confront her and warns her that she must keep the fact she is a Precure a secret.


I am actually very, pleased with how this episode turned out. We all already know that Rikka is one of the Precures, but we had a pleasant surprise of her being able to help Mana out in a fight without becomming Precure Warrior. It was like a breath of fresh air I tell you. With that said, Rikka will most likely become one next week since we see the fairies and Mana with her while she inspects the Cure Lovies.

I am glad that Mana didn’t have an easy  individual victory against the Selfish Road light. If she had accepted the fairies demand of keeping the fact she’s a Precure Warrior a secret, Mana probably would have lost since she ended up getting hit my the Stop-Light-Beam- and it was Rikka who backed her up when she needed it (and that random cat who was an excellent distraction)

It is no surprise that Mana is a terrible liar, and is not the kind of person who is very good at keeping secrets. She has a very honest, genuine heart and keeping it all in wounds her inside. Rikka’s response when she had confessed that she was a Precure to Rikka the first time right off the bat was priceless. It is certainly a surreal idea, especially when they have never heard of such thing before- then again, they did just witness a giant talking heart shaped crab.

Another interesting thing I wanted to point out is how Mana was able to sense that the victims of the Selfish did not have a choice/couldn’t stop themselves from going berserk because they were forced into that form. However it would be very intriguing to see at one point someone relishing the fact their have taken on this ‘Selfish’ form. That would be pretty sick.

Makoto has no plans of partnering up with Mana, but gave her a piece of advice that she should definitely take seriously and that the enemies will get stronger. Makoto knows what the enemies (Selfish) are capable of, she witness the loss of her home, her kingdom and is burden by the fact of not having been able to protect it.

DokiDoki! Precure definitely has a more mature approach to the plot and the enemies in comparison to Smile Precure. So I think those who didn’t enjoy Smile Precure will like this one a lot more- but it’s still far too early to say, this is just part of my humble speculation of how things will turn out later on.




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  1. Ayano says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head with the whole mature approach compared to Smile. I am really enjoying this season of Precure, super excited to see what comes next. :)

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