K Ep 10: At the Verge of War



Honestly speaking I am quite bored with this show already- except there are a few little moments that keep my interest up. At this point I could care less about Yashiro and the gang (in fact I was pleased to see they hardly had any air time this week too), the group I am more interested in is the HOMRA Clan.

Much like last week, the episode was slow, but it was at least filling in some plot holes and backstories that we hadn’t heard of yet. Though to be honest, Misaki’s and Saruhiko’s backstory was incredibly boring- so boring I wished there weren’t this conflict between the two in the first place.
In contrast to that, I find Reisi (Blue King) and Mikoto’s (Red King) relationship far more interesting. I couldn’t really grasp it before, but this episode pointed out that the two of them are actually friends. The only thing that gets in between them is the fact that both of them, put their duties or their own personal missions before each other.

We also learn that Mikoto doesn’t see himself as a King, but to his comrades, he is the best king they could ever ask for. If you were to ask me the same question, I would agree with them (except for the part where he is willing to destroy both the place and himself just to seek revenge against the culprit). Like Izumo had mentioned, he used to be a short-fused bomb before he was King, and once he became it he became more patient and would resort to whatever he could to protect his companions.

Although Mikoto had quite a limited amount of screen time because he has been in imprisoned, of the entire cast, he’s that one character where I feel he has actual depth. Forget about Yashiro and Kuroh and the rest of the bunch, none of them have depths and that is hands down the biggest problem with this show. The lack of character depth is what makes things especially dull.

One last thing I wanted to say: I absolutely LOVE, LOVED LOVED the scenery during these two scenes:

It was just breathtaking gorgeous. This is probably by far my favorite snow background scenery I have seen in a long time. I was really relieved to see that they didn’t use the gradient effect (too much) during these two scenes. The way they had set up the lighting in this scene was also a good touch.

Next week should be a bit more fun since the action will be in place…. I hope. If there is one thing that is the most anticipating, it’s the uh… fox-mask-spirit-thing-dude we saw last week. I found that incredibly intriguing.


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