Log Horizon S2 Episode 20: Birthday Song

Finally, after 4 consecutive lackluster episodes, Log Horizon has gotten back to being enjoyable. The desperation to leave this world has really bothered a lot more people than we’ve seen. But what are they supposed to do in this world? They’re powerless. Even though they can’t do anything to change the world, at least they’re going to try.

Nyanta faces off against Londark, who I forgot about so I had to look him up. He’s just doing what he wants. He’s angry at this world, for being forced to be in it. We’ve seen this same anger with the Odyssey Knights, and finally we’re actually seeing reactions like this. In the very first episode of Log Horizon, we did see people upset in their situation, but it wasn’t highlighted. It was more like “Uhh, we’re stuck here? Oh well.” That’s something that actually bothered me and we’re finally seeing what people think. Well, they hate it. Kazuhiko, from the disbanded Tea Party guild, enters the fight. Shiroe says he’s part of this group because he must be doing something good, so hopefully he is, whatever it is.

We haven’t found any answers to getting out of the world though. So everyone is doing what they can. Tohya isn’t giving up on the Odyssey Knights. Isuzu creates her 43rd song, not giving up either. On herself, or others, or the world where she met her friends. For such a strong message, I have to say that Isuzu’s new song wasn’t so…impactful? So far she’s always been singing the ending songs for both seasons, so it was nice to hear something new, but maybe if the performance had more feeling to it, I would have liked it more.

I know that Plant Hywaden wants to start a war, which Shiroe had predicted before, but their plans are still unclear. Nureha is seen walking through the town, and tells the person who had been looking for her before to defeat as much of the wyverns as possible. Even though she’s with Plant Hywaden, she’s still looking after the children. She’s an interesting character. We don’t know much about her except that she must hold a lot of power. The reason the wyverns are attacking the town was because it was Mizufa’s idea and Nureha approved, but it looks like she’s having second thoughts about it. And whatever Plant Hywaden were planning, it was put off.

There’s only 5 episodes left and I don’t know what’s going to happen. The newbies’ journey is going to end and they’re going to head back to Akihabara, just what kind of conflict is going to arise this time?


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  1. Noc says:

    I would have liked Isuzu’s song to be more…I dunno…artful She just seemed to be singing plain sentences half the time, summarizing her journey and feelings over current events, but that’s not a good way to compose a song. There was little flow, and it came off a bit wooden. I did like the tune though. Just wanted better lyrics. And who knows, maybe Studio Deen did it on purpose- Isuzu claimed to have no natural born talent and struggled all last episode to compose a song- maybe that’s the best she could do.

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