K Ep 8: New Suspect



So we actually got a some more information!

#1: The Silver King is the First King, the Gold King is the Second
#2: The Silver King is a suspect as well as the Blue King has noticed a suspicious change in his flight routes.
#3: 12/07 – 23:45 The Silver King’s flight route was near/right next to where Totsuka was murdered
#4: The Silver King is batshit insane, blows up his own ship, and apparently can also teleport himself in another direction (which makes me wonder if he shares or that…unless that woman he dances with is alive (right now I am absolutely convinced is a corpse though), perhaps she shares the same or not similar ability as Neko. The fox mask might be the greatest hint).

I find it quite frustrating that the whole mission to jump on board is going to be canceled because the Silver King decided to blow up his airship. He wanted a party, soooo could we consider this as his sparklers/fireworks, a mega air born bonfire? GAH. Either way, there is no doubt about it, this guy is going to be a pain in the ass (assuming if he miraculously got out alive).

It feels like a lot of the things we were most confused about and some plotholes are coming together. I think there is a very high chance that Yashiro had fallen through the storage’s rooftop that night when Totsuka was killed after having fallen off of the Silver King’s airship. The question now is whether it’s Yashiro or the Silver King who murdered Totsuka.


CRAY CRAY Yashiro, the Colorless King was waiting for someone that night when Tosuka was killed.
– The Colorless King is the Seventh and is the weakest of them all but is considered a wild card that could tip the power balance between the Kings.
– 12/07 – 23:45 Totsuka was presumably killed by Yashiro
– 13/07 – 23:45 The Silver King’s flight route was near/right next to where Totsuka was murdered
– The Previous Colorless King was Ichigen Miwa (Kuroh’s master)

I have two new Speculations now, both are similar but the second one is pure crack and extremely unlikely to be the case.

Speculation #1: There is a possibility that he was waiting for the Silver King, however it would certainly be strange, not to mention… quite out of the ordinary unless it had something to do with the fact he is the new Colorless King and meeting the Silver King with his cray cray mindset perhaps picked a fight with the guy. If that’s the case, then it is likely to be CRAY CRAY Yashiro who murdered Totsuka before he met up with perhaps the Silver King.

Now this is the second speculation and it is going to be a really random, and let me emphasis that it is wayyy far-fetched and has a 99.99% chance of TOTALLY, AND PRETTY MUCH GUARANTEED TO NOT HAD HAPPENED but I’m going to throw it out there anyways because my mind is full of curiosity and speculations right now:

We don’t know what the Silver King is capable of in both strength and ability (let alone if he somehow managed to miraculously escape when he had blown up his ship, (originally I thought it was him in that building at the end, but when I was doing screenshots I realized that the man was wearing gold so I am assuming who we saw then is the Gold King)). All we know for sure is that he is a dangerous man and you really don’t want to mess with him. So here’s my wild theory that is a bit similar to what I just mentioned in the above: What if Yashiro went off to fight or talk to the Silver King for whatever stupid reason it may be, and during this process the Silver King wiped out his memories and stolen his identity (lets go with an idea that he can impersonate/take form his victim) and this is how Yashiro was framed for murdering Totsuka. I think of this is because I find their personalities very similar. The Yashiro we saw who murdered was all “YIPPEEDI DO! BANG! YOU’RE DEAD LOLOLOLOL!”and the Silver King was like, “PARRRTTTYYYY TIME! IT’S TIME TO DANNNNCEEEE!” when the Blue Team was making their way to his airship, then BOOM, blows the shit up.

… Yeah… That’s totally not going to happen. My first speculation sounds more logical reasonable.

Next week either the Red King busts himself out of prison or the Homra Clan does that for him and it also appears we will also be seeing some more flashbacks. I find it most interesting that Seri facing despair over something, so I am curious to see what made her look so helpless in the middle of a fight.




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