Yagate Kimi ni Naru Episode 10: The Incomplete Me/Daytime Star/Mirage

Hmm, I’m going to admit that I didn’t totally like this episode. There were some good parts but it felt very jumbled. With the dream, the student council show, Yuu’s day out, and all the little details I felt didn’t mesh together at all. Maybe because this episode covered three manga chapters, as this week’s title shows, but it felt rushed and messy. But I didn’t dislike all of it, things I did enjoy was the dream and Yuu slowly realizing her feelings? I think? I feel she’s more aware now, but she’s still so far in denial that I just kind of sigh…I’ve been saying this about Yuu from the start so it’s annoying having to repeat myself.

I did find it amusing how perceptive Koyomi is, though. Even though she never got a clear understanding of who Nanami is, she did hit the nail on the head pretty hard with the character she’s going to play. Not just with her but with everyone else too. An empty girl trying to figure out who she wants to be, hearing different things about her from different people. People see Nanami in a number of ways, and if we had to take these characters and insert them into actual people in her lives, the lover would be Koito, the friend would be Sayaka (ouch), and the family member would be her father. But in this play, Koito is just the nurse since she’s always taking care of Nanami, Dojima and Maki play the classmate and friend, and Sayaka plays the lover. Which might cause some jealousy for Koito when the play actually happens. Sayaka was flustered but I bet she was secretly happy, but terrified of Koyomi. Does she know anything? No, of course she doesn’t, but damn it is she accurate. But it’s even scarier how accurate she was with Nanami.

I’m glad we finally got to see what happened the day Nanami’s sister died. She had been complaining to her friends that she kept having the same dream where she would relive a part from her past exactly as it happened. But Sayaka just says she keeps dreaming of remembering that moment. And of course it’s the moment her sister died. I had thought it was a freak auto accident, and while it still kinda was, it goes a tiny bit deeper. Nanami is probably suffering from survivor’s guilt over what happened. Winning in a game of rock-paper-scissors and making your older sister go grocery shopping, only to have her end up dead. Even though it’s not her fault at all! But I think any person that would be in her position with survivor’s guilt, she probably wished it was her that went and not her sister. With this survivor’s guilt, she’s going to make the student council show happen and she will become her sister. Which just makes things a lot darker. Her father can see this and shows concern over her but she ends up getting irritated. He’s right to be concerned because none of this is healthy for her. Last time I wondered what Nanami would do after the student council show, since that was the last thing her sister had wanted to do. Would she continue her act, or stop, or shut down? From the after-credits scene, I think she wants to continue this persona of hers full force forever. And I hope someone can snap some sense into her, and most of all, help her. :(

We got other things in this episode like the wishes, Nanami holding back, and whatnot but it felt disjointed. I did like seeing Koito hang out with someone that wasn’t Nanami. While she’s always thinking about her, it’s good to hang out with other people. It was also interesting to hear her friend admit that Koito has changed, and for the better.

One thing I’m really curious about is the guy Riko-sensei called. Who is he and what kind of role will he have? It sounds like he was affiliated with the student council before years ago, so I wonder what he’s going to bring to the table.


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3 Responses

  1. McL says:

    Hey Berry, would you consider making an entry for Liz to Aoi Tori?

    • Berry says:

      Hmm, I’ve seen people praise the film but I’m not sure. Isn’t it related to Hibike Euphonium? I only watched the first season of the show and wasn’t too crazy about it and never saw the sequel. I’m not sure I would be the best person to tackle it.

      • McL says:

        I see…

        The film could be watched as a stand alone. Though I have to say it would be better if a viewer would have watched both seasons of Hibike.

        Anyways I brought it up since it is masterpiece in my eyes which happens to be about two female characters who genuinely and deeply care about each other.

        And your absolutely correct that this episode adopted 3 chapters. Believe it or not, they didn’t skip on any panels of the three chapters. Which leads me to think that they might prolong one of the adapted chapters or go for an original ending. You see, there is only one chapter in the next many chapters left in the manga where they could end this anime without leaving their audience very unsatisfied.

        More Sayaka coming in the next couple of episodes Berry. ^_^

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