Hidan no Aria Ep 6: Love Rivalry

Hotogi discovers that Aria is living with Kinji and cannot bring herself to accept the situation. However, when she is called into the office where Kinji and Aria decides to investigate by eavesdropping, they learn that she is being targeted by someone known as Durandal. With that, Aria bursts in claiming that she is willing to be Hotogi’s bodyguard for free, but Hotogi refuses to agree unless Kinji is also going to be her guard.


This was a very funny episode, but at the same time there was some plot development that is pushing us forward, which will lead to what will put the Butei’s at their most vunerable state is during the Adseard when the public (aka Outsiders) can enter the school grounds.
I must say, Aria is such an ‘innocent girl’. I can’t believe she still believed her father’s explanation that when tif she were to kiss someone she’d get pregnant, and of course the next day she reads a book how babies are born. LMAO!!!!! And poor Kinji, his dorm was completely destroyed!!! I’m amazed how well he handled it – then again, he probably expected it, hahahahaha.

The first thing we should definitely take note of Hotogi being targeted by someone known as the Durandal. We also learn that she is one of the ‘special students’ known as a Shoutei who possesses special powers/abilities much like Riko. It seems like they are trying to drag some powerful students into their organization and use them.

Not only that, we also learned a little bit about Hotogi’s past. She and Kinji have known each other since childhood and Hotogi was pretty much treated like a caged bird, forbidden to leave the shrine. Kinji always came by to play with her and snuck her out to see the fireworks and the festival, but when he thinks about it now, he figures that he may have pitied Hotogi.

While this episode as I said, focused mainly on the humor – there were a few scenes that were overshadowed by the mood of the scene. For example, Hotogi received a phone call from someone who shared the same voice (mimicked), or a recording of it that was trying to lure her out. If she wasn’t staying with Kinji in the first place, without a doubt she may have found herself in an critical situation, or even an ambush. So the fact she’s staying with him probably wasn’t considered in the culprit’s plan and saved her some problems.

One of the most fascinating things that we should also pay attention to is how Durandal is considered as an Urban Legend. Also Aria, although honestly I can’t tell whether she’s jumping to conclusions here, she considers Durandal part of the blame for framing her mother. I wouldn’t be surprised if this Durandal were to be part of E.U, though it would be interesting to see several different organizations that the Butei Students must be wary of.


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  1. TimesTicking says:

    This episode was interesting. I’m still curious about the phone call Hotogi received o.o
    They showed a preview of Reki being on the next episode XDDDD I can’t wait for Reki to show up ^^

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