Mahou Tsukai Precure Episode 13

This week Mirai and Riko go out for a BBQ by the lake where Riko learns the value of doing things without the assistance of technology and in her case, magic. Now this episode kind of irradiated me a bit because Mahou Tsukai Precure Ep 13 Img 0010I naively thought that maybe, JUST MAYBE now that Liz was there, they would actually be punished for having been caught using magic when they have been told not to. But no, of course that wasn’t going to happen- if it were the Deputy Headmistress, possibly, but we know Liz wouldn’t do that to her beloved sister- especially when Riko finally learned her lesson today how she doesn’t necessarily need to use magic to do everything. Actually instead, we got a really nice moment between the two of them (not that I am complaining about that).

I was also kind of bummed out how Katsuki (the girl who catches them every time has a name now) didn’t actually catch them fighting. Actually, it was a head-scratcher how NOBODY took notice of you know big BOOMS and stuff happening in the mountains. Like it should be concerning, but nah, they were too busy enjoying the barbecue to notice. Ultimately at the end of the day they were able to find the Peridot Linklestone.

In case it wasn’t obvious already, I didn’t enjoy this episode. It was so boring, I almost fell asleep while watching it.
Mahou Tsukai Precure Ep 13 Img 0003It goes without saying my patience is starting to wear off as we are now almost at the fifteenth episode, which is usually the make or break point when I am on the fence. I hardly expect the Emerald Linklestone to show up anytime soon, and if it does- will whatever happen actually be interesting enough to make me want to stick with this series a bit longer? Frankly speaking: I am starting to doubt it. In fact, I realized something I had overlooked due of my own excitement. I now wished they didn’t get the Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz Linklestone so early on. It was a missed opportunity of forcing them to work with one type of power, and it is partially responsible for this, how do I phrase it… uneventful period. The episodes have been simple, light and are either contributing to character development (which is a good thing), or is covering the straightforward activities (going to school, making friends, Riko adjusting the the non-magic world, etc…). Sometimes it’s cute and other times it is flat out boring.

I am trying to figure out right whether or not it will be worth to try and at least stick around till episode 20 to see if anything significant will happen within the next few episodes. I would like to hope so, because I do like this series but it has more of a  Happy-Go-Lucky theme and the storyline so far has been too linear. While Riko (in particular) has been undergoing serious character development, it is still falling short for me. Perhaps I was spoiled too much by the previous two series, Happiness Charge! and Go! Princess Precure, both heavy in plot and had a very strong theme and message that resonated with me. So (like I had indicated week or two ago) if there are no significant plot progression in the next two couple of episodes, it is more or less safe to say this series will be a lot like Smile! Precure and Doki Doki Precure and that will be my cue to drop this one.



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    This episode was so messy because it was supposed to be Riko-centric but she actually relied A LOT of magic to do stuff like a pampered child, Liz’s moments (especially the BBQ part & her conversation with Riko) was without doubt the best but still lacking, and I’m puzzled over her role in the show because it seems she’ll appear in one episode and she won’t for more episodes :p

    Oh and my patience is reaching its limits too Eva, like I said many times before RIKO is the one who still kept me in the show but overall this Precure season has been VERY underwhelming and the pace is too slow, fillers galore AND the Linkle Stone searching is TOO ridiculous like they’re usually awarded to Mirai & Riko with minimal effort. Please Toei this season is already a sinking ship, if you don’t fix it I might as well quit watching it altogether!

    • elior1 says:

      from what i seen in the next episode titles there will be a bit of plot in episode 17

      • Eva says:

        Then that means I gotta endure this for at least 4 more episodes xD

        • elior1 says:

          the title of the episode is Crystal-san, tell me! [spoiler]The person in grandma’s memory. the reason it sound like it will be a bit of plot becouse the only crystal we know is this crystal the principal use to watch the girls so far and the only granmother we knew is mirai grandmother which mean it possible her grandmother will be releated to the plot [/spoiler]

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