Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind: Episode 10: The Hitmen Gang

Whenever David Pro adds anime original scenes, they’re always very good. Fantastic, even. It could be a little scene where Jotaro pulls out the picture of the crusaders at the end of Part 3 and smiles, or it could be a scene where a man’s body explodes from a car that entered his body, as said car also crushes his innocent wife ending in a pool of blood and gore. Just the little things. :)

As amazing as The Hitmen/La Squadra/whatever you want to call them story was, the transition into it was off. It happens in the middle of the fight, but it happens that way in the manga as well. We were treated to actually seeing the members compared to the manga’s shadow figures (as Araki hadn’t designed some of these disasters yet). The capo from last week warned Bruno and the others to NOT look into the Boss’s past, no matter what and this week we got a taste of what could happen to those that try. And it is brutal and disgusting. Gangsters don’t fuck around, that’s for sure. But I already knew that. The whole scene in the restaurant with the assassination was completely anime original as the members of La Squadra give Formaggio crap about his so called “useless” stand. But we were shown how useful it could be as Formaggio had shrunk a whole car so tiny and dropped in the drink of their target. He drinks it and leaves the restaurant with his wife and suddenly his entire body explodes as Formaggio makes the car go back to normal. And to end it all, the car accidentally crushes his wife. I was shocked because I was like “Hmm, I don’t remember this?” Because this wasn’t in the manga, and this was absolutely horrifying and disgusting. It’s such a strange but brutal death, and this was all David Pro’s idea so what the fuck. Anyway, the interactions we see among La Squadra was also anime original, but it starts going back into the original material as we learn about Sorbet and Gelato, two members looking into the Boss’s past as they all hold animosity towards him for their pay. These two, thought to be lovers, end up getting caught and killed. Getting chopped up while still alive, and having your body parts preserved into formalin frames and sent to your buddies is incredibly cruel and inhumane. And Gelato died from suffocating on his own vomit watching his friend/lover getting killed before his eyes. It’s insane how brutal this all was. Even though the addition of this backstory was a little strange in placement, as I thought we were going to get Narancia’s backstory this time. It was still amazing in every way. Now that La Squadra know the Boss has a daughter, Trish, they’re going to go after her and take over the Boss’s drug trafficking.

Back to the fight with Narancia and cheese boy, it was pretty fun to watch. Sometimes Narancia can be a little dumb, he made some smart decisions and Aerosmith is pretty cool. It’s also kind of funny because it just looks like a toy plane. It took him awhile, but he finally realized that he was shrinking. He still can’t find Formaggio but does so eventually when he uses Aerosmith, who can locate people from their breathing. Even when Formaggio has good hiding places, Narancia can find him in no time. But the disadvantages that come with that is that he can’t tell what he’s shooting at if it’s not in front of him. He has a radar and can see different targets around him, but he can’t see what or who they are, and it can go a little out of control. This is shown when Naracia crazily shoots at the sewer rats. But Formaggio made himself obvious when he rode a rat that ended up breathing harder than the others. But Narancia has shrunk so much that Aerosmith rendered itself useless.

You know, it’s so funny that Narancia has the same voice actor as Deku. It reminds of that episode in the third season of My Hero where Deku put on a disguise and tried acting like a gangster. Looks like he turned into one now.

I had expected this fight to finish by this episode but the sudden La Squadra backstory changed all of that. But I guess I’m not complaining because the backstory was amazing. Though this time I do expect Narancia’s backstory by next week, as David Pro has been moving them up earlier. Then we’ll see why Fugo was so worried about him.


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