Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara Episode 10

This episode was definitely a ROLLERCOASTER of emotions.

First we have Asagi… ASAGI PLEASE. DON’T TAKE OUT YOUR FRUSTRATIONS ON HITOMI. I THOUGHT YOU WERE PAST THIS. inhales But yeah, I honestly thought we were past the point where Asagi would be passive aggressive towards Hitomi over her feelings for Yamabuki. (I thought you were better than this Asagi!) She even states that Hitomi didn’t do anything wrong and this is why I’m so frustrated with her.

I understand that being a teenager is one of the most confusing times of our lives and we don’t know how to express ourselves well. However, as a viewer and an adult, it just PAINS me to see Asagi treat Hitomi this way. Especially when this is the first time Hitomi has ever made friends and is putting in an effort to nurture her relationship with them. And man, I love how the mood directly translates to the overall color tone of the series. Seeing the more dull tone in the colors made me feel even more down and droopy than I’d like to be. Well done P.A. Works. You’ve succeeded in making me feel a certain way just by the color tone.

But boy am I glad that Hitomi took FREAKING INITIATIVE to try and talk things out with Asagi. YOU GO HITOMI. (though I did burst out laughing when Hitomi just kind of knocked her head against the vending machine because she didn’t know what to do at first) I also appreciate that the issue wasn’t dragged out and wrapped up in the first five minutes of the episode. With this little drama past them, it seems like Hitomi and Asagi have become closer friends. sighs in exasperated relief I’m honestly relieved that Hitomi’s feelings didn’t cause her magic to spiral out of control because of this drama.

The scene with Kawai and Kohaku at karaoke BROKE me. I may have been just really tired and delirious, but they just had me laughing to tears. I don’t know why I found that scene so funny. It just tickled my funny bone I suppose. Talk about being the mood makers of the group though. I love them so much~

Speaking of Kohaku, she wants to do an event for an upcoming event where she can bring people into pictures. I also love how everyone just starts sparkling over the idea and immediately looks over at Yuito. It’s a neat little idea, especially since this will be the first time that Hitomi will be able to see the same view as her friends- OH NO. I JUST REALIZED THAT. UGH MY HEART.

Kohaku enlists Hitomi’s help to pull this off since it requires a lot of magic to do this. Hitomi definitely has come a long way in how she does magic. She is a lot more open to it and seems to be slowly developing a firmer control over it from how she was practicing sending paper airplanes into a picture. So it was definitely satisfying to see Hitomi have all the planes out of the picture at the allotted time.

During the trial run of the event (to which Kohaku and Hitomi send themselves and their friends into Yuito’s picture), it was pretty interesting to see Hitomi’s point of view. Everything in the picture is in color but her friends are still monochromatic. I also couldn’t help but notice when we looking at this scene that both Yuito and Kohaku were absent. It’s as if this shot demonstrated that Hitomi hasn’t completely opened up to them yet as she’s done with Kohaku and Yuito.

I also chuckled at the fact that when they were wandering around in the picture, the couples were grouped together. Though you can tell how close the couples are from where they stood. With Asagi and Yamabuki, Yamabuki was standing a bit away from her looking on as Asagi played with the rabbits while sitting. Just shows that those two still don’t see eye to eye. However, from the way that Yamabuki glanced at Asagi, it could hint that there may be a chance he will eventually see her differently. While with Fukazawa and Kawai, the two are comfortably walking together on a rainbow. The two are walking in the same direction with Kawai in front, which could indicate that while they’re on the same wavelength, Kawai is looking at what’s in front of her rather than behind at Fukazawa. But because they’re walking in the same direction, it’s inevitable they’ll end up in the same place one day with Fukazawa patiently waiting behind Kawai to support her from behind if he has to.

And then last but not least… KOHAKU X THE WHALE. I’m kidding. But I think it just represents how Kohaku’s just enjoying herself without needing to be in a potential relationship at the moment.

But in all seriousness, we all know that Hitomi and Yuito’s paths are connected somehow and the two are headed in the same direction. However, while Yuito is a little ahead, he pauses when he notices Hitomi stop to look at the view. He’s willing to walk at her pace and wait for her to catch up with him and enjoy the moments they have together.

However, things go from super happy and fluffy to creepy REAL FAST. Initially, I was like: “Oh SNAP are we finally getting to see Hitomi’s past?” And then upon seeing all those black and white drawings Hitomi made with a black divide between I’m assuming of Hitomi and her mom just gave me all sorts of uncomfortable feelings of dread. Though it was cute to see Yuito try and sprinkle in some hope into Hitomi’s drawings (though she would nonchalantly brush it off every time) but then be just content drawing next to her. Seems like Yuito was able to unknowingly step into Hitomi’s heart for a moment. Not sure how or why, but it allowed Yuito to witness just how lonely Hitomi has been up until recently.

We learn the reason why Hitomi hated magic and it’s because she believes magic took away her mother. Apparently Hitomi’s mom was a rare case in the Tsukishiro family of not inheriting any magic power. Because Hitomi was able to use it, her mother must have felt alienated and seemingly left because she couldn’t connect to her family through magic. Hitomi blames herself because she didn’t realize how much her mother must have been hurting. And honestly, Yuito was right in saying that a child wouldn’t have been able to pick up on that. It hurts to see that Hitomi blame herself for her mom leaving. But I feel like that’s a very real feeling that kids face when their parents leave either from abandonment or divorce. However, those feelings are what’s trapping Hitomi in the mindset that it was her fault and just eating away at her from the inside out. I’m glad Yuito was there to help coax out these feelings and just listen to her cry her emotions out. Sometimes you just need to vent and cry your frustrations away, not letting those feelings fester inside of you until they just explode.

This episode definitely felt like the beginning of the final arc of this series and with just two more episodes, I’m not sure what will become of Hitomi. Will she go back? Will she actually stay? Is she and Yuito going to end up together? So many questions and so little time. I hope this series will wrap up in a decent way and not leave too many of these plot threads just hanging.

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