Radiant Episode 7 [Why another filler episode?!]

Radiant… why are you doing this to me? When they announced that this was a French-based series, I was legit excited to see what they would bring to the table with this series. But since coming to the Sorcerer’s city- well I suppose Alma’s flashback was pretty fillerish. However, everything after that point feels so fillery. I even heard that the anime is adding the filler and the people who have read the manga are unhappy about it. Which I can totally understand.

Seth’s training begins with Yaga and it’s going about as well as anyone could have predicted. Unfortunately, that was only the first minute or so because the episode devolves into a filler arc with Doc getting freaking kidnapped by a coffee loving kraken… WHY??? Lerche, I trusted you! Why are you doing this??? This side plot was so out there that I honestly could not take it seriously like at all. Who thought this filler story was a good idea??? I expect this kind of filler in the big, long running anime. But NOT in a 21 episode series. STOP WASTING TIME, RADIANT.

It seemed like they were trying to develop Doc’s relationship with Seth, but this episode did absolutely nothing to make me like him more or even justify his attitude towards Seth. On one hand, Seth was not careful over placing his debt on him and then continued spending money needlessly. But then on the other hand, IT WAS FREAKING DOC’S FAULT IN THE FIRST PLACE THAT SETH IS EVEN IN DEBT. This situation could have been avoided if Doc didn’t try such an underhanded method to get rid of Seth.

My view of Doc just keeps declining with each episode. Especially when Melie and Seth are trying their best to try and rescue him, admittedly not well but still. It’s the thought that counts, right? However, Doc’s attitude was really trying my patience. I get these kids are messing up trying to save him, but then he just outright yells at them to stop trying to save him and has the audacity to complain about how his life is just a disaster and would rather just spend his life with the kraken. Doc… I wanted to like you. I really did. But you’re making it REALLY DIFFICULT.

And then Doc becomes coffee buds with the kraken while Seth gets the Kraken to eat him after dousing himself in Miss Melba’s terrible coffee, which causes it to spurt out a flood of coffee. Honestly… why even cover yourself in the coffee? It could have just drank the cup by itself… To make matters even more unnecessary, Doc prevents Seth from killing the kraken because coffee buds. I don’t know what I’m watching anymore.

This whole episode felt SO unnecessary. I had hope in this anime because the first three eps were decent. And Alma’s backstory made me SO EMOTIONAL (even if it was filler). But now I feel like my hope is slipping away with each filler episode. I even heard that this is the worst part of the manga so… LERCHE WHY??? I heard from readers of the manga that this series has really great arcs but had to wait patiently for them. Which makes me a little concerned as to why they’re dragging out the more boring parts of the manga. I know this series has great potential but I hate that it feels like the series is just wasting time. I’m not at the point where it feels like I’m reliving the feelings of severe frustration I had for Persona 5 the animation, but this is really exasperating. I want to know more about the world, about the society. Why the Inquisition is such a powerful government force? What are the Nemesis? Where do they come from? What is so important about Seth’s horns? What is the true extent of his magic powers? Where did he come from? I have so many questions about the really interesting aspects of this series, but it’s like the plot took a vacation… and it’s only episode 7! I really hope this anime gets back on track because ever since they got to the city of sorcerers… it’s been a complete drag with these filler episodes.


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