Yagate Kimi ni Naru Episode 4: The Distance Between Fondness and Kisses/Not One of the Characters

Yo, I don’t trust this Maki dude. I feel like he’s here to cause some drama and I think he’s already done that with Sayaka. I’m surprised he didn’t use what he saw as blackmail against Koito. I don’t know why he would want to blackmail her but his grins after that was a little unsettling. He actually seems to approve of this relationship and his pushing Koito to recognize her feelings. But it’s literally a show to him.

What’s interesting about Maki is that he’s basically admitted that he’s aro/ace. He’s had many female friends and those same friends confess to him, but he doesn’t care about that stuff. He likes being on the sides and watching love stories unfold. Which is actually kinda creepy. Maybe it’s the way he worded it made it creepy, but I think he’s maybe just those nosy types of people that love watching drama unfold. It literally showed him in a theater watching this stuff like a movie, so he’s literally like those types of guys that sits back with a tub of popcorn watching the show unfold. So basically he’s like us, the audience. In anime that’s fine, but doing this with people in real life can kind of be annoying. ^^;

Well, unless you just watch and don’t do anything. Which, Maki is doing the opposite which is why I can’t trust this dude. Though while he promises to keep the kiss and Koito and Nanami’s relationship a secret, he’s really pushing Sayaka’s buttons. This guy, with his plain design, is surprisingly smug and cheeky. He brings up how Nanami and Koito are so close, wondering why they’re so attached to each other even though they’ve only known each other for a month. And honestly that’s a good question because I’m still not over Nanami confessing to Koito after just meeting her. It’s still so weird. Anyway, he also pokes at Koito, this new girl, being the one doing the campaign speech for Nanami, leaving Sayaka aside. We already knew Sayaka was hurt by this from the start but she was pretty supportive afterwards but it looks like Maki’s poking seems to be bringing back these bitter feelings. She even admits that she has no idea what Nanami sees in Koito. The OP visuals already hinted at drama with Sayaka and Nanami and I still can’t tell if it’ll make it a love triangle, or just become jealousy in the friendship. But Maki is really stirring the pot and he knows what he’s doing. He’s the only one that knows something others in the show don’t. This show is all for him to enjoy, so since this is basically his show now, he might as well make it interesting. So…yeah, I don’t trust this guy.

You know, I always found it awkward when Nanami would try to show her feelings to Koito because Koito always looked so uncomfortable because she wasn’t into it. Again, like this episode where Nanami walked real close to Koito and Koito told her to give her some space. Even though Maki is helping Koito out with her feelings, saying her actions don’t coincide with that “they’re just friends”, I still feel like Koito is apathetic to it all? Maybe I feel that way simply because Koito hasn’t realized these feelings herself. She’s just a strange one, wanting her own space, while also letting Nanami kiss her because “It’s not like I hate it.” C’mon Koito, make up your mind!

But I think she’s slowly “blooming” now. She thinks it’s normal for friends to be kissing each other, which…well, it’s definitely not. If you’re kissing then that means there’s deeper meaning to your relationship. Koito is really having a tough time realizing her sexual orientation so this is a confusing time for her. Hopefully things won’t be too hectic for her.


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4 Responses

  1. McL says:

    I doubt Maki will tell anyone about what he saw since he likes the exclusivity as he stated. He’s the sort that would rather observe than take action. The conversation he had with Sayaka was brought up by her alone. The questions that led from it was Maki’s curiosity in action after getting more information. I won’t equate it as an active attempt to be an indirect catalyst of some future event.

    Also, Yuu’s inconsistent actions, wanting personal space, then allowing Nanami to kiss her-heck, even leaning forward for it, are all signs of a young teenager’s conflicted resistance to change. Yuu always believed that she’ll never fall in love yet her actions say otherwise…

    She is falling for Nanami whether she likes it or not. Why is she falling for Nanami? well Nananmi’s showing vulnerability.

    • Berry says:

      Ooh, that’s another point. While maybe not totally understanding her feelings (whether she believes she’s homosexual or not), I forgot that she’s so SET that she can never fall in love and find someone special. Even though she’s always wanted her shoujo romance, it’s happening to her in a way she probably never imagined.

      Koito may be drawn to Nanami’s vulnerability (who she truly is), but I still don’t know why Nanami fell for Koito? Well, Koito is still trying to figure that out too.

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