Gakuen Basara Episode 1 [First Impression]

Um… what the actual crap did I just watch? Though I probably should have seen this coming if Attack on Titan Middle School showed me anything. To be honest I never watched the original Sengoku Basara and it was just my idle curiosity to watch this. To see if someone who hasn’t watched the original series can still enjoy it and if the series is actually funny. I was asking to walk in on a weird show. Though I was willing to give this a shot because of the high school game of Hakuouki that had… a semblance of plot? If you can call it that lol.

The episode starts out with Date Masamune versus Sanada Yukimura but instead of war, it’s over which team will use the school field for practice. Soccer or Baseball. Before things can get physical, they settle on doing kickball. Though… I’m not sure if they’re doing it right. Since some of them end up batting? I’m confused but let’s just roll with it. Though I did laugh when Masamune was holding like six bats in between his fingers since that was probably the only reference I got.

After the first kick, erm bat, the ball is sent flying off the field and… a big armored guy was flying through the skies, scattering flyers everywhere and he hits it at a group of bikers. I expected strange things, but I don’t think I was prepared for how strange it got. Though I’m pretty sure there’s weirder things out there. Now, there is A LOT of name drops and there is absolutely no way I can keep up with all of them. Especially since this first episode feels like it’s shoving in as many characters as possible before the time is up.

The game of kickball keeps getting interrupted by characters showing up and declaring themselves to the audience. Though I found myself being more entertained by the voice actors and would go “oooh it’s so and so.” And staring at Mitsunari because he looks like one of my favorite characters from Kiznaiver, heh.

But it seems that there is some… semblance of a plot going on with Hideyoshi being the student president and once the principal was gone, he rallied the students to attack other schools. But Ieyasu intervened and the principal finally caught wind of what was happening and suspended Hideyoshi. And so Mitsunari and Ieyasu are fighting for candidacy for the next student council president.

After several more crazy instances, more characters introducing themselves in rather over the top manners, Masamune and Yukimura settle on one final gambit to see who will take the field once and for all. If Yukimura can manage to kick Masamune’s tosses, the soccer team can use the field. And he does after two strikes and I think one of the teachers pumps him up and a lightning show. I had a feeling none of the teams would be able to use the field and I was right since Yukimura blasted the ball through the wall of the principal’s office. Which ends in the principal blowing up the field and restricting both the soccer and baseball teams from using the field.

It seems like this series is more of a gag anime than anything, which I should have seen coming. Though it does seem like there is some development going on in the background with the former student president hiding out beneath the school despite his suspension. Which could prove to be interesting, but the episodes will probably focus more on references and gags until probably the last or last two eps.

I would probably get more out of this if I actually watched the original since I’m sure that references made to the original were made just flew over my head. I’m also not confident in continuing with this series since I’m not a big fan of crazy antics piled on top of each other without a strong overarching plot to back it up. The episode wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. It was more on the weird side if I had to place it anywhere.

Possibility of Watching: Low

Possibility of Blogging: Low


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