[Readers Request] B: The Beginning Episode 7

We got some much needed backstory, but all it did was open another can of worms for us to dissect. This anime is a lot more complicated than it needs to be. When we think we have answers, we actually don’t and there are just more mysteries. More and more just keeps getting added that at this point, I just have to accept things. I hope whatever the show is leading up to is satisfying.

Koku’s past was a bit cliche and simple. He’s the weakest of the bunch but he’s special somehow? He has a close friendship with Yuna and the other kids make fun of him for it. He and Yuna get together near a forest and she thanks him for saving her from the boys, and they both make a deal. They both want to protect each other and Koku made up his own sign. Because he’s the number 13 and she’s the number 4, he’s put their numbers together to make a little symbol, the symbol we first knew it as Killer B’s sign. They agree that if they’re ever in danger, they would write the symbol somewhere and the other would come to their rescue. Of course, I guess they didn’t even consider that just because they write it down, they won’t automatically know when they’re in trouble. This comes as a problem later on when Market Maker suddenly attacks Jaula Blanca at night. Dr. Flick, or Canopus, makes one of the boys take Koku to a shelter because he’s their “king”. That still makes no sense by the end of this episode, but we do learn a couple things about Koku later on. Anyway, Koku wants to look for Yuna but the boy leads him away. Yuna, on the other hand, draws the symbol and waits for Koku to save her but instead a boy named Minatsuki (the long haired guy now) and Izanami and they lead her away. We don’t see Yuna later, but we see Minatsuki and Izanami again as they stab Dr. Flick and work with Market Maker. It’s interesting that Market Maker was a thing before then, so I guess Market Maker started with the older ex-gods and with the currents ones we know now with the face paint, but they were recruited as kids. And it seems the corruption is a lot worse than I thought.

Before Dr. Flick dies, he hands Koku pieces of paper from his little notebook that explains everything about him and what he should do. Koku had been protected by the boys, but they ended up being killed by Market Maker. Upon reading the pieces of paper, Koku returns to the shelter and goes up to each boy’s corpse and takes a limb from them. A leg, an arm, etc. Apparently Koku and Yuna are both very special and they need to meet up with each other. The really interesting thing was that Koku is able to take others’ body parts. There were terms in the background such as gene modification and genome editing. I’m guessing the reason why Koku is so special is probably because he (and probably Yuna) is the only one whose body can actually do this. Even though physically he’s weaker, he’s probably a terrifying creature because he can easily take other’s parts for himself. When Koku comes to, he speaks with Keith and tells him of the important pieces of paper that were in his pocket. Koku also tells him that with his left eye, he’s able to control a person’s memories. Somehow Koku was able to repress all of his memories, except for the ones with Yuna in it. Which is pretty understandable. The whole event when Market Maker attacked was pretty traumatic for a soft-spoken child like himself, but now things are different.

But what sends things back into a spiral is the man behind Market Maker. We saw this man in the flashback, and we saw him again at the end when he sliced off Minatsuki’s affected arm. Keith had shot his arm with special pellets that were able to really damage him and he was very shocked. In the end, he said that only the black-winged king could harm them. But what’s even more interesting is the man behind Market Maker supposedly deciphered the epithet, and not Keith?

Again, things aren’t making sense and they’re just adding more twists and turns. Who is that mystery man? Honestly, judging by the face shape, I feel like it’s Gilbert. What a twist! If that were the case, it would possibly tie in with other things the show has shown us. Koku’s ready, Keith is still on the run, Yuna seems to be healing, and more mysteries are piling up.

Also, lol Kamui. If he actually died this episode, that would be pretty hilarious because he literally did nothing.


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