Nil Admirari no Tenbin Episode 5

This week’s episode appeared to at least not progress the plot much, perhaps as I have been told, this is one of the routes that starts to deviate from the main storyline, forging it own path. But then again, what we got was merely a small sample, so it is difficult to say if that’s true or not without having played the game and holding off from reading any reviews of it. The only thing that makes me think so is how neither Karasu nor Kagutsuchi were brought up, with the exception of Sasagoi making an appearance, revealing how he too was Moritsune Saicho’s student, and how their teacher had litterally teared apart Shizuru ‘s work. If there is anything to take away from that, he was greatly anticipating how the case was going to play out, knowing it had been inspired by Moritsune Saicho’s twisted love story.

In the end, the assailant responsible for murdering three women was a rabid-fan who always wanted to meet Shizuru and had an psychotic desire to be noticed and never forgotten. They followed the the methods used in Moritsune’s The Purgatory Island Murder Case, by killing women who were perceived as “close” to him (when in reality, they were not), the fourth target being Tsumugi, hoping in turn for killing those he “loves”, he will kill them and they will forever be remembered. Fortunately Hayato didn’t miss the lilac flower on the floor of the dark tower, so he was able to get back on time to make sure Tsumugi didn’t get killed. Shizuru was also able to make it to the scene to stop the attacker, and he didn’t even waver the slightest when they tried to tempt him to kill them. Although Shizuru also made it, I don’t think he would have made it on time had Hayato left– in fact they would have most likely run into each other, and return only to find a dead Tsumugi. Or so I imagine…

Despite its dangers and having been told to destroy it, Shizuru still has his mentor’s cursed manuscript in possession. He is unable to let go of it, claiming he is the same as the killer, captivated by the manuscript, an ambiguous statement considering Sasagoi suspects Shizuru was the one to kill their mentor, despite the claims of the man having committed suicide. So there’s still no telling whether or not he did kill him or not. But when he says he’s captivated by it, he is referring to how he feels as though the manuscript harbours Moritsune’s soul.

In all, although Shizuru proved there is more to him than his flirty personality, I would say of all the episodes, this is the most boring one to date. For most part, it felt incredibly linear. There was one scene though that made me laugh, and that was when Hisui asked if the Shizuru and Tsumugi were coming back from a date! Haha! Fortunately looks like things will finally pick up steam again with Karasu’s activities looking to be back in action next week, with the emergence of Mozuyama, the one with horrible rumours circulating around him. It will also be Hisui’s turn in the spotlight, one I am looking forward to getting to know since it looks like he has some unique abilities of his own!


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  1. zztop says:

    This episode largely adapts Shizuru’s in-game character route, with one big difference : The crazed stalker was anime-original.

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    Sasagoi was the killer in Shizuru’s route. He was upset that Moritsune-sensei didn’t recognize him or his writings, and murdered the women to frame Shizuru. You actually encounter him trying to stab Shizuru in the park. (Which makes Sasagoi’s recollections to Tsumugi creepier in hindsight.) Sasagoi’s exclusively the main villian here, but Karasu has no involvement otherwise. Spoiler </Shizuru spoiler>

    Things should heat up with Hisui, Akira and Rui, since their backstories are more closely tied with Karasu (and Mozuyama).
    Expect plenty of emotional drama there.

    Hayato’s route isn’t as dramatic, but it does delve into who’s been creating the curse books. It’s more an action-mystery route.

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