Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu Episode 19 [Meliodas vs The Ten Commandments]

Holy crap this episode was INTENSE. I don’t think I was ready for what this episode had in store. It was literally nonstop action the entire way through and afterwards I just felt so exhausted. But it was a good intense and it left me at the edge of my seat.

Seeing Meliodas going toe-to-toe with the four armed giant was pretty epic with little to no difficulty fighting him. And thanks to Escanor’s attack, we get to see the giant’s face. And… he’s probably a lot prettier than people expected lol. Anyways, Meliodas was trying to think of a way to get around the giant’s magical eye that can read his opponents mind and determine their strength just by looking at them. Which is why Meliodas didn’t want to immediately charge at him, knowing that his plans would be defeated and instead waited patiently for an opening. To keep things within his ability, Drole captures the rest of the fighters, holding them captive in case Meliodas tries to do anything else. And without anyone noticing, Gloxinia had healed himself with his Drop of Life and begins to aid Drole in combat against Meliodas.

It’s actually kind of sad to find out that the three of them used to be allies against the Demon King. But what exactly caused Gloxinia and Drole to defect from their current clans to join the demons? Meliodas also seems to be carrying a bit of sorrow and disappointment in the two joining the Demon Clan and even hints to what happened to them in the past. And tops it off by saying that once they’ve joined their side, there’s no way out. The implications in that statement break my heart because I do think that Meliodas treasured his friendship with those two in the past and to see them turn their back on their respective clans broke his heart.

This next part made me crack up a little. Everyone is wondering if it’s possible to help Meliodas. However, they’re also aware that the power imbalance is too severe and it would be wise to let Meliodas handle it. Especially since we literally just witnessed Gloxina blasting Meliodas back through MOUNTAINS. Now, about this mage guy. I actually saw a spoiler on who this guy is and when he started talking and hearing his voice, I died. And looking at him again I realized how obvious it is. But anyways, thanks to this guy, they were able to teleport out of their prison and into the Liones Castle.

But man, ever since Meliodas got his power back, we’ve never seen the full extent of his abilities. This battle certainly highlights just how powerful he is, being able to keep up with both Drole and Gloxinia and landing several mortal blows to them. If it weren’t for Gloxinia’s Drops of Life, they probably would have been gonners long ago. However, before Meliodas could end things, the situation goes from somewhat hopeful to CRAP THIS IS REALLY BAD real fast when the rest of the Ten Commandments show up. Even Melascula is still alive but seems to be completely burnt from what happened with her battle with Escanor. It was as if the fight in the first half was just a ploy with how triumphant and hopeful Meliodas was doing. Because, now the REAL fight begins.

The OH CRAP moment starts with Meliodas attempting to strike Zeldris down with his sword, only to have Zeldris already cut his arm off. These guys aren’t messing around. To make matters worse, Grayroad casts a spell on Meliodas that prevents him from leaving the area. So just like Hawk says, he either has to defeat all of the Ten Commandments or die. Meliodas gets a severe beating by Derieiri, incapacitating his arms. This entire fighting sequence is definitely one of the series’ best and it just fuels my love for the action genre. It’s really sad to find yourself rooting for Meliodas to defeat Drole and Gloxinia, only to go to seeing him get his butt kicked to the curb by the rest of the Ten Commandments. The only thing he could do was hold his sword in his mouth in a desperate attempt to keep fighting.

In a last ditch effort, Meliodas had actually been charging for his Revenge Counter. Things looked hopeful for a moment since he had taken A LOT of damage and was about to throw it back at them…. only to have freaking Estarossa STOP the attack with his bare hand. WHAT THE HECK. WHAT IS HAPPENING?! HOW?! I DON’T EVEN!!! And to top off the soul crushing defeat, Estarossa steps on Meliodas’ chest and starts to crush it with the last thing we hear is Meliodas crying out in agony. Man can Yuki Kaji just belt out the cries of agonies in all of his roles.

This episode was such an emotional roller coaster of being hopeful to it being snatched out of your hand and thrown out the window in a matter of minutes. This episode’s animation felt so much better than the last few eps and I guess they were holding out on the budget until this fight because it was LIT AS CRUD. I’m glad I never saw this part in the manga because this ep was hype as heck. I wasn’t prepared for what this episode was about to throw at me and I am just holding my breath for the next episode.


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