IDOLiSH7 Episode 15

And god damn it, I knew the verbal agreement between Tamaki and the shady producer would backfire. Had there been a contract, he could have explicitly had control of making sure they don’t reunite him and his father- not to mention, that was unbelievably awful and uncalled for. Tamaki specifically said he was looking for his sister, but to call in his father without hearing any background for the guy himself was the staff’s mistake, and are the ones who should be apologizing in the first place. Though I do wonder if Sousuke had a hand in this of tipping off this information to them in the first place.

With the orchestrated combination of malicious comments and articles, rumours running rampant with a mix of truth of lies, and seeds of doubts being planted among the members are all the symptoms to the rift forming between the members. It had gotten so bad that Otoharu has made the decision to disband Idolish7, again. However I don’t think it’s an official disbandment, but simply a temporary one where they will cancel all of their public appearances and such, and force the boys to regroup and start communicating properly amongst each other. This comes about just as they received the invitation to attend JIMA, one they should be celebrating not overlooking due to tensions between them.

Of all the members, it is Nagi who is the only one who manages to remain grounded throughout in this whole fiasco. And it hurts his heart to see his teammates be at each other’s throats, bitter at the secrets that either been kept from them, or secrets they are being accused of. Mitsuki learned through the malicious articles how it was thanks to Iori that he was able to even get a chance to be recruited. Had it not been for him, he wouldn’t have debuted it. This of course is a tough pill to swallow, especially since for his entire life, while Mitsuki loves his brother dearly, he also can’t help but feel bitter about being overshadowed by him, again and again and again. It actually makes it even worse to know that Iori never dreamed of becoming an idol in the first place, he simply did it under the condition his brother could make it though. Honestly, I don’t know how anyone is supposed to react to that– hell, I don’t know how I would handle that either.

Ever since Tamaki broke down, I have noticed Sogo has become extremely protective of him, especially after the incident with his father. In fact, Sogo is the first to defend Tamaki, and understands him best. He knows the things he blurts out when he’s upset are usually empty words, and just his way of releasing his emotions, but there were a couple of times when he went a bit too far, such as unintentionally provoking Yamato by saying he expects him to understand the pain and shock Tamaki is going through, having been a secret love child of a famous actor.

And this leads to the next major rumour going around: Yamato being a secret love-child of a famous actor. To be honest, like Sogo, I also have an inkling this has some truths to it– especially since Yamato has such a strong reaction to it, and attempts to deny it at every opportunity, while looking incredibly uncomfortable and wanting to dodge the subject altogether. His revenge has much to do with family, and it has also been hinted he may be related to Chiba Shizuo, the actor mentioned back in Episode 9 with how he really didn’t want to talk about him, let alone was impressed by him at all. Although he may not be a secret love child, it could simply be his father was never there for them, or another tradegy has struck that fuels his desire for revenge.

And finally, we have TRIGGER, who finally learned through Riku about the truth behind the summer song. Gaku had initially dragged Tsumugi out in hopes to gain more information in why his father hates Otoharu so much, but instead learned their song was actually stolen. And all it did was validate Tenn’s suspicions. He had a bad feeling this was the case, but chose to keep it to himself, fearing it would hurt Ryu and Gaku. His cold facade of acting as “business partners” melted when Ryu got the two of them to open up to each other. (Side Note: I have a feeling Ryu and Nagi would be great friends)

In fact Gaku was so upset with his father, he gave his buddies a heads up he might have to quit TRIGGER because he wants to go and punch his father in the face. But now that the fact Tenn and Riku are twins have been made public, it looks like TRIGGER as a whole is about to retaliate, in perhaps a way Sousuke never expected them to. If there’s one thing we have learned, there are two people you should never piss off: Sogo and Tenn. If you hurt the ones who are dear to them, they will come for you.

I am incredibly excited to see if and how TRIGGER themselves will strike back against Sousuke himself. They are done with being used as tool in Sousuke’s game.

On the extra note, the brightest moment of the episode was Gaku going out with Tsumugi! <3 Although it wasn’t a date, it was just nice to see the two, especially Gaku go to her in hopes understand the feud between their fathers.

I’ve been told the next episode won’t be out till May but… still DOn’T MAKE ME WAIT TILL MAY!!!!!!! ; A ;


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5 Responses

  1. This ep is like all the drama are thrown in one, and it’s done so well that I’m again amazed by the anime staff. Not just because they actually change the opening to foreshadow the group disband, but also how they portray the whole Tamaki’s scene with his father. In game you can only hear Tamaki screams and his avatar, but here, his emotional break down is just hard to watch. It’s nice to see Sogo defends Tamaki because he also has the daddy issue.

    I’m laughing so hard how Nagi’s rumor is the only one that doesnt effect the group because darn, who won’t be happy if people start calling him prince lol, and that makes Nagi the only calm person now in the group.

    Ah, this ep broadcasts at the same day as Tamaki’s birthday. Tamaki, are you enjoy this present from the anime……

    • Eva says:

      That is so freaking crueeeelllllll, it’s more like an anti-fan gift ; A ; (kinda is, since it’s from Sousuke probably- of all people)

  2. This episode was way more painful than expected, but also way better! The scene with Tsumugi and Gaku in the game was supposed to happen while they were walking outside, it was so good to see in the anime it happened in a restaurant, a way more appropriate setting! Not to mention Gaku looked really nice in that outfit. You can also feel the pain in Gaku’s and Riku’s expressions and voices, even in Gaku’s posture when he gets up, I like how much attention to detail this scene was given. You can say the same with that scene after Ten talks about how business partners don’t need friendship when Gaku and Ryuu were trying to comfort him, it really added to the situation.

    Also it was good we didn’t really get to see Tamaki’s father’s face, pretty sure no one wants to see that awful man again.

    I had completely forgotten that scene with Otoharu was supposed to happen this episode lol He was actually very serious since he doesn’t believe the kinda attitude the guys had was appropriate for idols, this is supposed to be their dream after all. He does a good speech explaining this later on but the news about JIMA came at a really bad time, give them a little time to brood, man…

    Tho at least the final two episodes of the season look promising! Hope they can cover everything that happens and Black or White get good 3D animations.

  3. Heidi Cadiz says:

    While you wait for the double finale of Idolish7 on May, you can review and watch the episodes Idolish7 Vibrato, which it’s talks Trigger if you want to?

    • Eva says:

      I have been thinking about it. Right now, I have a pretty tight schedule, so I will see if I can get around to it by next week or before the end of the month. >^</;;;

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