IDOLiSH7 Episode 13

I apologize for the delay! I wasn’t in the condition the write yesterday, but I am feeling much better now after plenty of rest, so let’s get rolling!

Sogo was diagnosed with Acute Gastritis, caused by stress, otherwise having some rest, he is fine. But color me surprise when Sogo suddenly announced he not only wants to quit, but reveals his father is the chairman of the FSC Group who started causing trouble by blacklisting them. This really irritated me because nothing annoys me more than noble idiocy. The one who really got hurt from this statement was Tamaki… Poor guy. The way he responded to Sogo attempting to quit had trauma written all over it. He was undergoing a major meltdown.

One of Tamaki’s deeply rooted fears is people leaving him, and Sogo was no exception. When Sogo said he wanted to quit both Mezzo and Idolish7, Tamaki absolutely lost it. He started to panic, blame himself and experience a meltdown. Everyone was alarmed, especially Sogo. It actually makes me wonder if Sogo had already intended to tell the the truth why wanted to leave the group. And if not, I imagine Tamaki’s distress was what triggered him to do so.

After this particular event, I do wonder if Tamaki will finally get his act together after seeing Sogo collapse from stress. The only positive thing that came out of it, was that Tamaki felt like he and Sogo were a true duo now, since Sogo finally shared what was on his mind. But there were a lot of times when I thought he was going to learn from his mistakes, but time and time again he proved me wrong. I hope we actually see him put in the effort to be more responsible for himself and his actions.

When we learned about Sogo’s backstory, I couldn’t help but scoff. Not at Sogo himself, but his claim on how he abandoned his family. Oh no. No, no no no no. Sogo didn’t abandon his family, it was his family who abandoned him! And this explains exactly why Sogo had so much trouble opening up. He comes from a family who were adamantly against his (and his uncle’s) dreams of working in the music industry. They chided them, talked behind their back and disrespected them. Hearing such terrible things only motivated Sogo further to prove them wrong, because he knew despite his uncle living a short life, it was a happy one.But as result, he was forced to bottle up his feelings and keep quiet about his struggles. It’s not easy to break out of that kind of mindset, and it’s a habit that needs to be broken.

Gaku confronted Tenn this week by questioning him why he ditched his family name (Nanase), and asked him: Who is Kujo Tenn? However Tenn dodged the topic, and seconds later it was Gaku’s turn to have a secret of his own come spilling out, when Tsumugi thanked him for recommending Idolish7 to Music Festa. But that too was quickly dropped when he redirected the conversation to the subject of cake. Tenn took ahold of that opportunity to question Tsumugi on the reason why Idolish7 did not release their new song. Unfortunately she didn’t tell them why… but while I know it’s better not to say, it would have been cool to see her at least confess it was stolen, and leave it at that. But I think Tenn still got the answer he was looking for. He was already uneasy about the song to begin with, noticing the composition sounded more like Idolish7’s pieces than one of their own. I don’t know if Tenn intends to confront their so-called composer about it, but he did provide Tsumugi a message to relay to Riku: Win the New Artist Award at JIMA, and he will tell him what he wants to know. This is Tenn’s way of giving Idolish7 a source of drive to rise to the occasion.

Nagi was the one however who really gave them that jump start they needed after being bogged down by a combination of bad luck and poor decisions. He went on a date with a top model and did a photoshoot with her for famous fashion brand. They rode the new momentum with Yamato appearing in yet another drama, jumping at the opportunity to do drama’s theme song and with the help of Shimooka, they will be regulars in his new program.

Idolish7 is finally finding their stride again, making sure they get as much exposure as possible. The only thing that kind of slipped under the radar of course of is Mitsuki himself. I do wonder if we will see them address his character this season (positive thoughts everyone, LET’S THINK POSITIVE THOUGHTS), as over the past few episodes, it almost feels as though his character conflict has been slipped under the rug, or (ironically) overshadowed completely by the others.

I look forward to Idolish7 and TRIGGER re-encountering each other once again. They are expected to see each other at the music program Sound Ship, their next live broadcast. I have no doubt in my mind that if someone is going to mention the elephant in the room, it will be Tamaki.

Also, holy shit: GAKU. HE WORKS AT A SOBA SHOP DOING DELIVERIES?! He says he’s just some guy who looks exactly like Gaku, but I am like 99.999% SURE IT’S DEFINITELY HIM. Oh god, this just makes me love him even more…


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10 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    I’m certain the soba delivery guy IS Gaku, else I’ll eat my hat. Maybe its his way of showing independence from his awful father?

    The 2 guys on the cover of Venera magazine are another idol group, Re: Vale, who come into play for Part 2 of the game’s story. If a S2 is made you’ll see them. Plus, they’re just as popular with the Idolish fanbase.

    • Eva says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. Make his own money so his father can’t control him with it. FUFUFUFUFUFU GO GAKU!!!!!

      • 90% sure this gonna get ss2, the first blu-ray is the best seller and sold the most in this season. The new song album is always in top 10 best seller too. I hope they keep the same staff and studio for next season, they are doing such a good job on this T__T

        Hope you prepare for more angst and serious stuff in next ss though, game players are crying and praying that…no one dies…in an idol anime…

        • Eva says:

          I am happy to hear the BD sales are doing well! <3
          Omg, what the heck is happening the game for fans to think that?!?!?!?!?!?! I am excited!!!!!! :D

  2. To me, when Sougo said that he abandoned his family, it feels more like he thinks he abandoned his uncle. Because he coulnd’t voice his thoughts dues to his environment, he couldnt say anything to other people that talk bad about his uncle at the funeral, even though he know they are wrong. I guess that’s why he feels he betrayed his uncle. But I guess he also feels like he abandons his family.

    Idol is short life, Sougo will have to come back to his family someday to inherit the business, but I guess the father just doesn’t want the same thing that happened to his uncle happen to him again. His uncle died because of work, and we see exactly samething here where Sougo collapses because of stress from work.

    About, Mitsuki, have to agree his problem feels overwhelming by others, lol. I hope they will address it deeper…but he is fine the way he is, we need an always normal upbeat guy in this pool of angst wwwww

    GakuTsumu is still my otp for this show lol. Gaku is just cute and cool.

    • Eva says:

      Ohhhhh, well said! I didn’t think of it that way, but you’re absolutely right.

      H5s I’m aboard the GakuTsumu ship too! HE IS SO PRECIOUS I LOVE HIM!

      • I never think of him before this ep tbh 😂my bias to him just shoot to the moon after seeing him so nice to I7, and he isnt afraid to speak his mind and worry over Tenn at all, and now Sobamannnnn.

        It’s an extra so I dont think they will address it in anime, but he works at Sona Restaurant because his mom side owns it. His father and mother divorced

        • Eva says:


          • I was laughing so hard in an extra where Ryuu and Tsumu accidently met at a Ramen Restaurant and Ryuu told Gaku about that, which made Gaku screamed “why do you guys met!? And at a Ramen restaurant!?” 😂 calm youself sobaman, no one gonna eat soba the whole life so that you can meet her everytime 😂

  3. anom says:

    Just a heads up, we are given view to Tsumugi’s thoughts and she says something along the lines of ‘well, I can’t just say it’s because you sang it’. A lot of other small details were cut out due to episode time constraints, which can’t really be helped.

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