Netojuu no Susume Episode 9

GAHHHHH!!!! I just want to shake these two idiots! They are completely caught up in their own heads. Sakurai thinks it’s too awkward and hard for her to continue playing together online, so he suggests he will quit so she could continue playing at ease! (NO. STOP. IT.) And then Moriko (poor girl) who is so self-conscious of herself, interprets the store clerks inquiry of whether she and Sakurai are dating not as innocently as it was, but as if she was being judged negatively. It just broke my heart for her mindset to immediately think of the worst. Fortunately Koiwai being the ultimate matchmaker (although it leaves me terribly confused as to whether or not he wants to pursue a romantic relationship with Moriko, or he and her are better of as good friends) managed to get the two together when Sakurai was avoiding her both staying offline.

But I swear to God, they way they just TEASE US in the beginning and end of the episode. At first I was like, “OH MY GOD, DID THEY DO IT?!” but now I have my doubts. Instead Sakurai will just prepare her food with his (hopefully) awesome cooking skills and they will eventually have their intimate moment of confessions. But you know what is both hilarious and puzzling in this situation? WHY DID MORIKO TAKE A SHOWER?! WHAT”S THE NEED OF A SHOWER? IT’S JUST RAIN, all she needed was a set of dry clothes and dry her hair! Unless her brain was thinking other things, if you know what I mean. KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKE! And to be fair, I’m pretty sure their minds both wandered in that direction the minute they stepped into his apartment and began internally freaking out how they did NOT think this through!
Oh they are so cute!

In all honestly though what makes this pair so precious is how they just click both online and offline. Sakurai is a wonderful guy, thoughtful, selfless and always puts others before himself (a tad too much sometimes though). He loves Moriko for who she is offline and online, and to me that’s the most lovely thing of all. Moriko is also thoughtful and adorable, and she only wishes the best for him, but feels like he’s out of her league. Sakurai is really the type of friend she needs when it comes to helping her raise her confidence and self-esteem, and it quick to nip the bud sprouting from the seeds of doubt and misunderstandings. I mean, seriously, Sakurai’s character has been on top of these things. He hardly lets these misunderstands or secrets drag out, and has the ability to have the courage to confront it. And this is something that amazes Moriko, because when she thinks about what he has done for her, as how he managed to connect the dots of her being Hayashi from their conversation online, she realized she wouldn’t had the guts to do confront him if the roles were reverse.

And can you believe it’s the semi-final episode? Although I feel ten episodes is just the right amount for this series, I won’t lie, I am craving for more. It has become my warm and fuzzy show to look forward to every Friday, something I haven’t had the chance to enjoy for a very long time. You know that with each and every episode, you are going to enjoy it one way or another, and there’s going to be at least one thing you are going to relate to every week.


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4 Responses

  1. Mangaka-chan says:

    Actually, in the manga Moriko only dried her hair with a towel. Guess the animators decided to spice things up a little with that shower scene to make a hook for the audience. ;)

  2. APlus says:

    They’re too good at showing socially awkward people interacting… I haven’t wanted to stop watching a scene as much as I did this episode in a very long time.

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