Kakegurui Episode 9: Dreaming Woman


We're all just a bunch of weebs

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2 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    I say don’t judge a book by its cover – maybe there’s a whole lot of crazy bubbling under that plain exterior.

    It’s not just the idol industry – I think most of the Japanese entertainment industry is quite restricted in nature. They emphasize their celebrities presenting a very specific, handcrafted public image with no controversies. Plus contractual restrictions on marriage, divorce and pregnanacy to uphold said image.

    • Berry says:

      Oh I’m sure there is, no one on the council is normal. :P

      I’m mostly familiar with how the idol industry works, I’m not too familiar about the Japanese entertainment industry in general. So does this also apply to actors and actresses? Is the marriage restriction also enforced on males? How far does this go in entertainment?

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