Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine Episode 6: At Cafe Mitter Meyer

The king is too hot this is fucking ridiculous. What moisturizer does he use?

Licht is a lot more serious and hardworking than I thought he was. I actually thought him to be the more two-faced of the brothers, but like Heine said he’s actual a lot more ordinary. In the words of Kai, “Licht is a good boy.”

Prince Licht actually works at a cafe in his free time and he loves it, and he’s very good at it. The Licht from the cafe is so much more different than the usual Licht we know, who is a loud, silly, playboy. But really he’s very earnest, hardworking, and pretty serious. But things become complicated when a Count Rosenberg snitches on Licht to the king. Heine tries to defend Licht but the king makes himself clear, saying his son’s identity being revealed could cause some sort of scandal that can ruin the royal line. However, the king didn’t explain so well. But that remark just brought back painful memories of Licht feeling left out and alone as a child because his father was hardly ever around. Licht argued that his father didn’t bother understanding him, but in retrospect, Licht didn’t really understood his father. After a funny turn of events where Viktor temporarily worked in the cafe, he realized how amazing his father really is. They shared a heartfelt talk at the end of their shift, where they actually came to understand each other, with the king apologizing for hurting his son. Thanks to Heine chiming in, Licht can continue to work there as long as Heine is there, in case there is a time Heine needs to protect Licht.

Now the question is how and why this Count Rosenberg guy found out Licht worked there and told the guy. Also, who is this guy? The one thing I did not expect from this show was a villain. For this show I just expected episodes of comedy mixed in with the serious that we’ve been getting so far, with episodes dedicated to the princes’ growth and stuff in between. But a villain, who’s trying to ruin their lives with scandals? This anime actually got a lot more serious.

It’ll definitely spice things up. I could make some speculation of this Count Rosenberg guy. One possibility is that he simply just wants to throne to himself, and to do that he’ll need to seek out info that can bring about scandals and ruin the princes’ lives. Licht recognized the Count so if scandals were to break out on all the princes, depending how close this guy is to the king, he could very well take the throne. The other possibility is that Rosenberg is working alongside the 1st prince, the prince that we haven’t even been introduced yet. He could be working alongside the oldest prince, getting dirt on the princes so that none of them could possibly get in the way from taking the throne from the oldest prince. I think the second theory is totally plausible, and I think that would make for an interesting twist. It would add a lot of drama and conflict into the family. And I feel like that’s it, because if Count Rosenberg really wanted the throne he would create scandals of all five princes, not just four. Just that little detail alone makes me think the second theory is true, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Conflict awaits.


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  1. zztop says:

    Rosenberg’s intro in the manga is the precursor to the 1st Prince’s appearance in the story. I’ve heard the 1st is also another interesting character too.
    Let’s just say Rosenberg’s pretty tight with the 1st…

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