Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen Episode 11

We’ll meet again, some day. Right?

I kind of wish that I never saw this episode just so I never would have to face the truth.

Indeed, Yakumo passed away. From Sukeroku’s explanation, Yakumo’s condition had suddenly become worse as he was sitting there on the veranda next to little Shin and Konatsu. He was taken to the hospital and while he was driven there he had fallen into a coma. The doctors did everything in their power to keep him alive, but to no avail. Yakumo died there.

This episode…I’m not exactly sure how to explain how I felt about it (I never know how to explain how I feel with this show lol). It was a depressing episode, but even though I was very sad throughout it, I was also happy. Relieved? And just caught off guard, too. It was interesting how limbo was handled. I actually thought it quite hilarious, and messed up, that you need money to cross the river to properly pass on. And Sukeroku hadn’t changed at all, as he didn’t have money and Miyo was the one making it.

I was sad, because Yakumo died, but I was happy for him because he was truly happy until the end, even in the afterlife. He got to reconnect with his old friends and hang out with them like he did when he was younger. There was no anger, there was no malice, no hatred. What was the point, they’re all dead. Instead there was gratitude and forgiveness, and they were all able to admit that they were all wrong. It wasn’t all one person’s fault, they all did many things wrong. We knew Miyo already had forgiven Yakumo but Yakumo needed to speak with her properly in person, and thankfully everything ended peacefully with smiles. Smiles from everyone, which made me happy. Yakumo doesn’t have any regrets now. The tension and self-loathing he had in his life when he was alive was brought to a happy ending, and he was also able to happily have closure between the two most important people in his life. That’s why I was happy, because Yakumo was truly happy. The conversation he had with Miyo was wonderful, and all the parts with Sukeroku was gold.

But of course I was sad. I still am. Many parts were sad, such as us having to see Sukeroku and Yakumo do rakugo for the very last time, with little Konatsu and little Shin listening. Miyo holding little Konatsu with the motherly love she should have given her touched me. The burned down theater being in limbo! And of course the very last scene.

I’m surprised that I didn’t cry so much this episode. It wasn’t until the pinky promise did the tears start. Sukeroku’s tears, Yakumo smiling, the pinky promise, of seeing each other again, of Matsuda!!! You know, I never really talked about how much I liked Matsuda, but I really did! He was always by Yakumo’s side, and just like he said, he would serve his Master until the very end, and once Yakumo died, he moved on with him. But then that makes me think of Yotaro and the others losing two people close to them at the same time. I’m crushed, but glad that Yakumo didn’t move on by himself. Matsuda was a very good man, and he deserves a life in heaven with Yakumo. And soon enough, Sukeroku and Miyo will join them soon.

I know I shouldn’t be sad, because Yakumo had a happy end. It was a beautiful end. But I’m sad!!! He won’t teach Konatsu rakugo, he won’t see his future granddaughter, or see Shin grow up, or do other nice grandfather things with his growing family. As usual, this episode left me speechless. The finale it looks like we’ll have a huge time gap with a grown Shin and his little sister because of course that’s not Konatsu, no matter how much it looks like her. I…don’t know if I’m ready to see old papa Yotaro. Actually, I’m just not ready for the finale in general. I don’t want this series to end.

One more grumpy grandpa, just one more to end this review.


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