Macross Delta Episode 25

It is really hard to believe there is only one episode left, especially with how jammed packed this episode was with information. It was like a pot boiling over, making it incredibly difficult to keep track of what was going on. There have been multiple times where I had to rewind because I realized I completely missed out a chunk of information because I was too busy trying to absorb the earlier bits. In fact it was so overwhelming, it was quite exhausting for me to watch. It was obvious that the writers were desperately trying to tie up all the loose-ends before next week’s finale. With so much going on, let’s break down what we learned this episode:

The Unspoken Truth of Wright Immelman
macross-delta-ep-25-img-0002Hayate finally gets to learn the truth about his father’s role in the operation to drop the Dimensional Weapon. Makina had found VF-22 Voice Recorder, and Reina was able to salvage it so they could hear the Wright’s last words and orders he was receiving. He was in fact attempting to avoid the prime target, pretending to obey his orders and went in the direction where it would do the least amount of damage. However as result of doing so, (if I understood correctly) NUNS took over via remote control and detonated the Dimensional Bomb anyways, to ensure Wright as dead- especially since he was hoping to get out of it alive. We also learn through Shady Merchant Berger that Wright was in fact a special agent, a Spy so to speak. As such, he had investigated the Protoculture Ruins and was the one who found Mikumo’s genetic fragment, which then fell into the hands of Lady M, who later revives her.
And lastly, Wright was in fact the one who had given the music player to Freyja when she was little.

The Awakening of Rudanjal Rom Mayan
macross-delta-ep-25-img-0025So it turn out, in order for the Star Singer to truly awaken, she must receive the command from Winderemere Royalty. However the Awakening of Rudanjal Rom Mayan and singing the true Star Song is a very dangerous operation. Windermere’s Runes are meant to provide some form of resistance to the song of the stars, where as the other humanoid species are left vulnerable.
Now since Mikumo has received the command, she no longer has any control over herself. Her instincts have taken over, and we know she is absolutely devastated because the color of her songs are now shrouded in darkness.
Ugh my heart breaks for her. What is even worse, the Delta Platoon may be forced to kill her off- that is if they can even get close enough to her. I DON’T WANT MIKUMO TO BE KILLED OFF!!! ; ____ ;

What ever happened to the NUNS?
macross-delta-ep-25-img-0028It is a joke really how quickly and easily these morons were eliminated- by their own ultimate weapon, no less.

I can literally count with one hand how many times they actually showed up in the series. The NUNS were essentially playing an off-screen role, which I get because they are shrouded in secrecy, but it really doesn’t do them or the story any favors when they get single-handily wiped out in less than ten seconds. I definitely expected to see them play a more significant role in this story because of how they are the reason why the Winderemere Kingdom is so hostile and is attempting to liberate the entire Galaxy.

Roid Goals Remain the Same, or so he says.
As crazy as he is, Roid still aspires true and eternal peace among the Galaxy, but the way he is going about it is certainly the wrong one with a high risk. Keith remains suspicious there is still details that aren’t been spoken of, and remains cautious. However his influence on Heinz does not go unnoticed, and I can’t tell you how frustrated I was to see Heinz straight up tell the Aerial Knights to listen to Roid and put their lives in his hands. At this point- or rather, for a while now, Heinz has been literally nothing more than a figurehead which Roid controls. It is Roid who is actually in control, making him the most powerful and influential individual of Winderemere right now- and Keith is perfectly aware and cautious of that.

Ultimately, I think my biggest frustration of the episode was the fact we are probably never going to see Heinz undergo any sort of relevant development. Good lord, whatever happened to Keith’s words a few episodes back? Is Heinz never going to think about it, or even talk to Mikumo- HELL, I know they are in a rush and everything, but I REALLY wanted him and Mikumo to have a conversation, but nope- now that she’s under his control, we ain’t gonna get any of that.

I am glad we were able to get some form of proper closure in regards of the truth about Hayate’s dad. However I was not completely satisfied and honestly I don’t think I would have ever been. The execution of Wright’s story was poorly done and delayed to the point it was already too late into the series.

I don’t know what to expect really for next week’s finale because where we are right now, it doesn’t feel like it’s about to end. So unless they suddenly announce a second season or there’s another batch of episodes that I don’t know about that’s coming our way, I will be going into the finale very skeptical and low expectations. Actually, the first thing that crossed my mind by the end of the episode was, “Are they actually just going to kill off the entire cast?“. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to do that because it sure feels like they just might do it. It would be a convenient way to ‘end’ it, with everyone dying. I mean, something gonna happen to Freyja while she sings- no doubt about that. It’s going to trigger her aging further, so insane as it might sound, they actually might kill her off. There were a lot of death flags this episode…
But who am I kidding? They wouldn’t go as far as to killing off the main cast…


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