Macross Delta Episode 24

This episode was chaotic alright with Makina getting shot (I was freaking out over the fact they could have or still might kill her off). The so-called trial in front of King Heinz was anything but fair. macross-delta-ep-24-img-0015They worked around through the loopholes of the treaty and Hayate, Mirage and Freyja had no defense whatsoever, making the trial nothing more than a show before their execution. The execution required them to walk off the cliff to their deaths, but luckily Hayate was able to buy some time because he’s so used to walking along terrains with high winds. Arad and the others were able to help come to their rescue after Shady Merchant Berger provided them the opportunity to use Wright’s plane (the one Hayate was shown last week). That being said, I have a dreadful feeling we are never going to get a proper conclusion to this ordeal, it still feels unreal.

It was quite frustrating to see Heinz not try to communicate with the trio further. I for one have been hoping for him to really step out of the box and stop relying on his advisors’ opinions of what to do. I thought for one when Freyja explained to him how his songs have no color and are empty, he didn’t think much further about why he doesn’t expirence happiness like she does when he sings. I think Iw would have liked to have seen him inquire more about it, because Heinz does want peace and the war to end, but there is a lot of pressure on him right now. Needless to say I am disappointed he went along with the execution orders.

macross-delta-ep-24-img-0026And just as I feared:  Mikumo’s instincts are taking over no thanks to creepy Roid pressing the buttons to force the awakening of her true form (and she is not happy about it). The Star Singer was the Priestess of Protoculture who later (supposedly) had passed down the songs to Windermeres, which resulted the birth of the Wind Singers. I feel terrible for Mikumo because now she’s all alone as the Delta Platoon was forced to abort the mission, at the price of leaving her behind. Freyja and the others heard her sing, but the real question is what will Heinz and Keith do. Actually before that, I must say: Roid has been MIA ever since they had captured the trio, yet nobody bothers to wonder where the heck he is (along with who the hell is singing the Star Song). This is the guy who is usually always by King Heinz’s side. Shouldn’t it appear suspicious, especially in Keith’s eyes for him to be absent? I sincerely hope there will be a follow up with Keith figuring out what’s actually going on. Frankly speaking I wouldn’t be surprised if Roid had locked himself and Mikumo in the sanctum to prevent anyone from getting inside.


She is so prettyyyyyy!!!!

We did get a little bit more of information in regards of Mikumo’s orgins. Supposedly there was a crucial piece from the Sanctum that was stolen by the Chaos Organization, and Lady M used it to as the key to create a clone in order to revive the Star Singer. A part of me wonder if that ‘piece’ was actually Mikumo’s body that was preserved. We also learned we have not truly seen Mikumos’ true form as of yet, (though we finally got to see the full picture of the visions from of her past). And by singing the Star Song, it looks like the final piece of the Protoculture Structure has finally been put in place.

macross-delta-ep-24-img-0025Another troubling factor came up when we saw that while singing, Freyja is beginning to age like Kassin did. Though she is still young, she now has that first fragment of age appear on her, and I am starting to wonder just how quickly is it going to escalate. My guess is that Freyja is likely to have also been bestowed with the gift to be a Wind Singer (as it has been passed down as Roid had said), and we are finally starting to see its side-effects that are triggered when performing too close to the Protoculture’s Heritage and Ruins.

With so much going on, while yes we are at the climax of this series, I do worry about how they are going to wrap it up within the next two episodes. Is Roid going to be branded as a traitor once everyone discovers he has long abandoned King Heinz? What will the Windermeres do? Will they forge an unlikely but temporary alliance with Walkure/Delta Platoon? After this episode it certainly doesn’t feel like they will head in that direction. Either way, it’s safe to say I continue to feel uneasy about the path we are taking to the finish line.


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