Macross Delta Episode 23

Does anyone else feel like the whole reveal of Wright Immelmann being the one responsible for the Dimensional Bomb drop on Karlisle a red herring? Something feels off about it, and I don’t feel convinced by their evidence. It feels almost like a perfect picture put together to ultimately frame Wright as the one in his conscious mind who did it. And if it turns out this is indeed the truth- then I honestly don’t know what to say then. Macross Delta Ep 23 Img 0021Underwhelming? I guess that would be the best way to describe it. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t expecting more from this. So really do hope (though we are in a very tight spot with only three episodes left- holy crap there’s only three episode left!) there is more to the story and a very different truth. With all hints we’ve been given, it’s just not adding up. An important detail to the story must be missing.

This episode was also incredibly predictable, and I think that is also why it felt so short and was quite lackluster. Everyone knew, the moment Mikumo on Winderemere territory, being separated from the group, along with Heinz request, (which I also suspected he wanted to hear from them directly), she was in trouble. I knew Roid would purposely try to secretly capture her by himself, and promote his own agenda and so on and so forth without the others’ knowledge. Macross Delta Ep 23 Img 0023In fact we found out exactly where Roid’s true loyalties lie. Whatever path or whatever goal he had in the past to protect something, that’s gone. That is long gone, it’s been thrown out of the window, goodbye, he is done with it. All this guy cares about now, with his tunnel vision obsessions with the Star Singer and the True Heritage of Protoculture- heck, I even suspect he is now done with King Heinz as he has now officially pledged his wings to the Star Singer, Mikumo!
Now how Mikumo can and will proceed is up in the air. We don’t exactly if her instincts may push her to sing (we have seen this happen in previous Protoculture ruins), but real question now is whether or not she will try and resist. Mikumo lives to sing, but what will she do now? I think this can potentially offer an interesting situation where Mikumo may actually try to resist her instinct and consciously try to figure out whether or not this is the right time and place to perform. Regardless, I am certain she will sing, whether she likes it or not.

With Roid officially pledging his alliance to solely the Star Singer, there is potentially a chance for the Aerial Knights to temporarily force an alliance with the Delta Platoon/Walkure Unit. It really depends on how Roid is going to behave and react because with three episodes left, this is it. Shit will HAVE to go down within the next episode. And frankly, the fact of how few episodes we have left, just sunk in and I am seriously worried about how the hell they are going to wrap this up. I am genuinely concerned how much they are going to rush this. I feel uneasy about it because there are too many loose ends at this point. Maybe we will get a second season? I highly doubt it though. Just wow… I think I need to brace myself for a super anticlimactic ending.

..Yeah, I am not feeling too optimistic about this….

Macross Delta Ep 23 Img 0007Lastly, I suspect based on the indications we got this episode that Freyja got her music player from Hayate’s dad (all the more the reason why I am super confused and unconvinced about this picture-perfect evidence set in front of us). We also had the pleasure of seeing a different and more humane side of Mikumo. Makina did a good job of encouraging her to eat with them, try new food and experience the chilling cold of snow. And I must say, Mikumo blushing is the cutest thing ever.


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4 Responses

  1. cba says:

    Hayate’s dad being found dead after dropping the bomb is very suspicious (he was in a plane and should have easily escaped the bomb’s radius before it exploded, or heck someone could’ve put the body there for all we know). If we consider it’s 99% confirmed he was the one to give the music player to Frejya, Arad doesn’t believe he’d be the sort of person to do that and Cassim didn’t look very angry at the mention of Hayate’s name; there must be more to it.
    And let’s not forget that according to Arad, Wright supposedly kept contact with Windemerian rebels and the place where the bomb was dropped was also a NUNS base.

    I am surprised Roid looked angry at Hayate too, he was always composed and only interested in things related to Protoculture. Even the destruction is a sensitive topic for him, huh. Mikumo getting captured and possibly brainwashed is giving Macross Zero vibes as they did to Sheryl’s grandaunt Sara Nome and the Bird Human.

    The preview looks like Hayate will be sentenced to execution (and likely saved in the last minute).

    3 episodes left? Time flies.

    • Eva says:

      It’s totally suspicious, it’s driving me nuts. Please let this not be the truth, too shady and convenient!!!!! Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone murdered him and shoved his corpse in the plane afterwards.

      I don’t trust Roid a single bit. But let’s not forget the NUNS and Chaos Organization, they may have played a part too.

      Oh god, I would hate to see Mikumo be brainwashed ;_____; it’s probably going to happen though.

      Yup that preview sure looks like it. I wonder who will save him? King Heinz?

      • cba says:

        Whatever happened to the NUNS man? Last thing I remember was how he managed to get samples from the battle in Ragna and nothing else.

        I am happy Heinz can finally interact with more characters, he has been too sheltered and surrounded by figures who ingrained him wrong ideas that I want him to see how he reacts to Frejya. And Mikumo! After their clashes when they sing and Mikumo’s curiosity towards the Wind Singer, I still can’t imagine them having a conversation but it would be very interesting.

        Have you seen the videos of the cast playing the PS Vita game? The last one has been with Ishikawa Kaito/Roid. It’s funny how they decorated everything with glasses and apples lol
        His favorite character seems to be Ranka.

  2. Clint says:

    Remember Windemere has mind control tech and that the DE took out the NUN’s main base as well esintialy winning them the war. My personal guess is that it was am early mind control attempt to steal the DE but he went car partway through and dropped it.

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