Macross Delta Episode 21

I am very happy that they have finally delivered the much needed Walkure backstory Episode. It has been a much worry of mine for quite a while now, especially given how late in the game the decided to finally bring it out. Of course it only made perfect sense for it to come out this late due to how heavily connected it was to Mikumo and the Chaos Organization. We learned how Kaname initially applied to merely be the manager and train the new Vocal Tactical Unit, but after discovering she had a fold receptor she was immediately asked to join the team as a member, alongside Reira who had been arrested by authorities for attempting to hack into Chaos servers. The trade off was to have her sing in this unit rather than to send her off to jail. Macross Delta Ep 21 Img 0015However at the time, Reira didn’t particularly care for singing so she has always been the odd one out of the group, unwilling to dedicate herself to training like the others had. The final three members of the first group were then Makina, Lily and Clai. The girls (except for Kaname and Reira) all signed up in order to pursue their dreams as an idol, but singing and fighting on the battlefield where danger haunts them at every step quickly took a toll and the first to quit was Lily. It certainly didn’t help how their performance was not gainning any reception or attention, which ultimately lead to countless failed missing. At one point Walkure was threatened to be disbanded so Makina decided it was time to prep up and made dresses for the four of them. Performing in beautiful outfits seemed to have been the missing ingredient as they previous performed in plain and boring soldier uniform (which is nice to see they went the logical and practical route than straight to the flashy fashionable outfits). However despite their growing success, Clai too had finally reached her limit and quit the team. That was when Mikumo was introduced and added to the group. Immediately she made quite a first impression on the group, her singing was on a complete different level, it reached into the heart in a way Reira had never experienced before, Makina felt overwhelmed but was not disturbed by it, and was inspired by it. Kaname instantly knew she didn’t stand a chance to compete for center, but instead decided she wanted Walkure to become the very best.

After the girls’ attempt to break Mikumo out, they did have to serve a day in the prison cells as a punishment. Once Mikumo was ready to be released they too were freed. Mikumo finally got some of the answers (if not all) about the truth of her origins and identity, which resulted as the cold reality that she is a clone and revealed it to the three of them. Although they did not tell us outright say what she is the clone of, there has been enough hints dropped around throughout the series, including this episode to point to the fact she is a clone of Protoculture. This episode also made it official that Mikumo or rather Rudanjal Rom Mayan is the Star Singer we had all thought she was.

Macross Delta Ep 21 Img 0031But it looks like it won’t be long before many others will learn of this truth as well. Some weird shit went down in the place where Heinz usually sings (I know there’s a name, remember it though…). It was so abrupt, I didn’t understand what was happening or why it was happening, but the one thing that was easy to understand: Roid got two crucial pieces of information. Mikumo’s true name, Rudanjal Rom Mayan (and I am guessing is most likely the clone of this particular individual), and how they are the true Star Singer (can I just point out how pretty the Star Singer mural is?). Now while it looks like Roid did not gain immediate information that Mikumo is also known as Rudanjal Rom Maya, I am certain it won’t be long before he do. As to how he will proceed with that information, I am not entirely sure. Will he finally stop trying to make Heinz the Star Singer and attempt to make use of Mikumo, or will be stubbornly continue in desperate and futile attempt to prove the Winderemere’s are the true heritage and ultimate humanoid species?

Macross Delta Ep 21 Img 0025And that wasn’t all: To say the least, it was a pretty bad day for Roid. From Heinz collapsing during his performance (resulting the people of Al-Shahal to fall into a comatose state), to Keith discovering the fact he had killed King Gramia (and let me just say: I KNEW THE WAY HE DIED WAS SUSPICIOUS, I FREAKING KNEW IT! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU ROID, WHY WOULD YOU KILL THE KING DAMNIT?! TO MAKE HEINZ KING? YOU @#*!@#*!( IDIOT!!!!!) along with being told and went to see for himself how as result of Heinz’ performances, he has been aging at an alarming rate. Geez, how stupid can Roid be? What are you supposed to do is your “Star Singer” is long dead before he can actually try to become one?

Actually, speaking of which: The dodgy merchant Berger gave us a bit of insight in Roid’s grand plan. They have discovered how with the ruins effect and the Wind Song, it went further than ‘mind-control’, but actually be used to connect the minds of mankind. In a sense it is an ultimately ‘network’ so to speak, but it is hard for me to picture just how Roid intends to use this discovery. I guess we will have to wit and find out.


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2 Responses

  1. mechachap says:

    Really, really fun episode. Reminded me of how great this show was, which I feel has stumbled since episode 14. I loved the backstory of Walkure, and Rei-rei and Makina are great. Kaname is so much more than I ever thought she would be… She’s so strong!! I know people had a problem with Hayate, Freya and Mirage not showing up, but I really dug this. Why can’t Walkure’s members be on the spotlight? I’m just worried they won’t resolve the other plot threads as well in these last few episodes.

    • Eva says:

      The Walkure members have been terribly neglected due to the sheer amount of focus on the love triangle between Freyja x Hayate x Mirage. It always seems to be the more central themes of Macross from what I have seen so far, which is a shame because Walkure girls are incredibly interesting so it’s a real disappointment to see them be neglect for so long. THANK GOD for this episode, it was much needed- but the wait certainly paid off. I hope until the finale that Walkure remains in the spotlight more, especially since Mikumo’s secret is out. It’s hard to believe it will be over in five episodes :( Not much time left to tie up all of the loose ends…

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