Macross Delta Episode 20

The fractures from the secret operations taking place in both sides of the war are finally beginning to crumble and the suspicions of the dark secrets which lies behind them are growing. At the Delta Platoon, Reina, Makina and Kaname are sick of being left in the dark and decide it is time to take action in order to find out more about Mikumo’s well-being and her history. (Gosh took them long enough, but I am glad they are finally trying to help Mikumo.) But the process to reach Mikumo is an incredibly difficult one. The security measures in place are well maintained, passwords changing on a regularly basis, preventing anyone who had obtained it the password to pass through. It was there when their plan to reach Mikumo through disguise was out the window, leaving Kaname the only one left to try and find her. And frankly, I was and still am downright terrified someone is going to shoot Kaname down for being in the place they don’t want any outsiders to be. Both Reina and Makina are surrounded by armed guards, and honestly I don’t think their position as Walkure is enough to protect them if they try to do  harm, yet let alone prevent them from potentially being killed on the spot. That is how much I do not trust the Chaos Organization- especially after seeing the lengths they have gone through to prevent outsiders from getting in. All I can hope is that Kaname can actually release Mikumo from the capsule and at least get out safely because I will be LIVID if they kill her off!

Macross Delta Ep 20 Img 0008On the other-side of the spectrum, it is Keith who has been on the alert after his father’s royal doctor came to warn him about something, but could never tell him what it was. He has been quietly observing everything around him, and was quick to notice how Roid had already replaced the doctor with a new one. Keith knows something is not right and feels the Roid he once knew is no longer flying in the same sky. He takes it upon himself to quietly ask the twins, whose family are famous traders of medicine, to most likely look into the Doctor and find out about his well-being, or try to find a way for the two to secretly meet. I was seriously frantic for a second when I actually misread the line ‘skilled’ as ‘killed’- but naturally I did a double-take on that and was very much relieved to have read that wrong. However, the fact Roid had decided to switch doctors implies he had some sort of suspicions in regards of him, or perhaps felt he knew too much about the previous King. My concern is that while Roid had formerly sent him back to his village, I fear he may have been killed off on the way. But let’s all hope that did not happen because Keith needs all the leads he can get because Roid is absolutely up to no good.

Macross Delta Ep 20 Img 0005And while we are on the subject of the devil, we learned how Roid’s intentions may have changed over the course of his studies of the Protoculture Ruins. His ambitions has shifted to a different direction and is striving to accomplish something that wasn’t initially on his mind. We learn from the Merchant Berger that once they finish analyzing the Protoculture Ruins, they will proceed to mass production of Mind Control devices, which as result opens a new market for Weapons in War.

Well @#(%*!

That alone sets up red flags everywhere! I don’t know what Roid’s true intentions ever were in the first place, perhaps some form of peace, or at least ‘for the sake of greater good’ mentality. Now? To hell with that, all that goodie “i want to protect XYZ‘  has been chucked out the window and is long gone. His ambitions are now much greater, and it most definitely has to do with attempting to  seize even greater control and make Heinz the Star Singer, especially with the way he is constantly trying to assure him about his place and abilities. No matter how many times Heinz asks him about it, the guy absolutely refuses to provide even a scrap of information about Mikumo.

Macross Delta Ep 20 Img 0006And then we learn something else: something from Heinz. The poor kid has been burdened with the pressure of being the Wind Singer and is now King. While he wants to quickly bring an end to the war, Roid is too busy with pursuing his own selfish ambitions of making Heinz into what he wants him to be. Not once did we ever hear Heinz go, “Oh how great it would be if I could be a Star Singer”, no we don’t hear that, instead this week we learn a little bit about what Heinz’s dreams and wishes are. He wanted to enter the Drachehause (a sports tournament) one day, but as he is now burdened with the responsibilities as King, and leading the Winderemere Kingdom in the war as their Wind Singer. I wouldn’t be surprised if Heinz feels he may never the get the chance to do it, especially with his frail health.

Then we have Freyja and Hayate, whose concerns could be considered as childish (though just as justified) in comparison to what is unfolding around them. After the incident where shit went wild, Hayate and Freyja are ordered to undergo tests by the medical staff from the HQ to ensure Hayate’s rampage was not an initial sign of Var, and while doing so, study Freyja’s rune (not sure what’s up with that though). The reason why Hayate’s condition is such a concern is because he experienced Perception Boost, and Walkure songs are supposed to prevent that, yet Hayate lost complete control, threatening to succumb to the Var. As expected, Hayate was not happy about having to undergo tests, and became even more ticked off when Freyja couldn’t sing for the test because she was too afraid to (fearing for Hayate’s safety). As result this whole stupid discussion of, ‘I will quit so you can do your thing’ crap started happening and Mirage who was sick and tired of seeing this bullshit decided to lay down the law, call it out for what it is, threw around some insults, and in the midst of all that, confessed her love to Hayate.

Macross Delta Ep 20 Img 0023Well that certainly shut them up and forced them to do some self-reflection.

On that note, I hope that now since Mirage has confessed she will be able to let herself heal from his heartbreak. It is good that it is finally off her chest and she can move on. I for one would like to see that because I hate seeing her suffer from a heartache of unrequited love.

On the final note, I am so glad that somebody brought up Hayate’s Quartz Necklace, seriously THANK YOU!!! NOW I HOPE IT ACTUALLY GETS ADDRESSED BECAUSE WE KNOW HOW QUARTZ IN MACROSS WORK (if you at least watched Macross Frontier you would know, First-Time Macross Fans, don’t worry about it too much- but hopefully they will explain it so I won’t have to).

Extra Note of the Week: Totally irrelevant, but Makina is GORGEOUS with her hair down!



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