Macross Delta Episode 18

Now that was one hell of a mind mind-boggling episode. It just got ugly and crazy and insane real fast. The operation to investigate the Protoculture’s new structures on Voldor was already jeopardized before they even had a chance to go in when the Aerial Knights have arrived to the scene for the purpose to guard it while they undergo some experiments (which both Cassim and Keith seems to be wary and feel uneasy about).Macross Delta Ep 18 Img 0002 I honestly wasn’t sure what was going to come out of this episode given how Freyja, Hayate had this rare opportunity to be able to sit down and chat with Cassim. It was especially fun to see Freyja and Cassim have a chance to chat as she was drawn over after sniffing out roasting apples. The two spoke about the favourite local delicacy and how they actually know each other (though not necessarily directly) but through knowing others from the village. It was nice to finally have this kind of opportunity because I really like Cassim’s character, and honestly I was dreading he was going to get killed in this episode (and for a second I thought he did but I’ll get to that later). What made it so pleasant to watch was how Cassim had removed his Knight’s cloak, wondering whether or not he is truly a knight anymore since he doesn’t feel comfortable with the way things are goign forward. He was the first to voice concern about the experimentation taking place on Voldor, knowing the planet is inhabited and continued to grow uneasy when he heard about how the environmental conditions have changed, such as the weather. He also mentioned how he senses an ominious wind rising, and frankly he is absolutely right.

Macross Delta Ep 18 Img 0009Ever since that Roid has been given the authority and power to pursue further research on the structures, not only Cassim has been growing more wary of his intentions, but so is Keith. We already seen a rift rapidly developing between Roid and Keith, but it is an understatement, especially after what had happened today for Keith to be exceptionally cautious of what Roid is trying to do and how Heinz and the other knights are going to be impacted by it. And everything went south when Roid had Heinz start singing the Wind Song while Walkure were undergoing their own experimentation of how the ruins would react to them. And man, it was chaos, absolute chaos. Macross Delta Ep 18 Img 0008Not only were the Aerial Knights being affected, (most noticeably Cassim, I was already getting anxious and frustrated at the possibility of him being killed off today- thankfully it looks like he will live another day, for now. However his days are numbered as due to the Wind Song, combined with Walkure and the Protoculture Ruins, we saw how he started to age faster. I doubt he will be quiet about this one. Being caught up in such an experiment is the last thing he wants to be a part of, but I digress…) but both Freyja and Mikumo were caught up in this turbulent storm, and had virtually lost all control of what they were doing.Macross Delta Ep 18 Img 0024 I was honestly surprised to see no one was looking out for Mikumo (it only makes me more sad…) despite the fact she too was suffering from the same situation. Kaname had to knock Freyja over in attempt to stop her because Hayate too was losing control and it looked as if the Var Syndrome was starting to take control of him as well. It was only when Freyja stopped singing he was able to snap out of it, but it was still really bad and ugly. Yet despite taking out Freyja, it appeared that nobody bothered to try and stop Mikumo who continued to be more or less forced to sing as she had no self-control and more crazy wind stuff happened.

Macross Delta Ep 18 Img 0028However as result, it appears Mikumo finally unlocked at least some of her memories from the past. In fact we got a name: Rudanjal Rom Mayan. My guess is this is her true given name. Furthermore, she reached far beyond, creating a unique wind which Keith and Heinz were both stunned by. Heinz was visibly shaken how he was overwhelmed by such power. This only makes me even more curious to see if she is in fact the true heir of Protoculture (I know, I have been going on about this for weeks now, BUT I AM SO CURIOUS). Not only that, but we saw (what looked to be) scientists were hovering over her, and her eyes gazing into the galaxies of the universe. Anyhow I hope she will be okay because even her ending theme song is making me worried.

Macross Delta Ep 18 Img 0035

Last but not least, another reason why I sincerely hope Cassim won’t die anytime soon is because he recognized Hayate’s surname. With that, it definitely indicates he must have known Hayate’s father and perhaps he can offer us the much needed Windermere’s side of the story to have a better understanding of the truth behind Wright’s actions.


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2 Responses

  1. bca says:

    In episode 13 Gramia and Heinz talk about King Rudanjal Rom Mayan, during the conversation before the Silgur Valens joins with Ragna’s ruins. There are theories about it being connected to the Bird-human from Macross Zero, to top it off the island where Macross Zero takes place is called Mayan.

    I mentioned it in other review, but you should read the Windermere manga. They are timing the content of the manga chapters with what the anime will air. The new chapter published last week before this episode aired had:
    1) NUNS destroying Cassim’s apple farm after one of the soldiers accidentally hit it during their practice. There is a flashback of young Cassim being given an apple.

    2) Morris (manga-only character, Keith’s senpai doomed to die seeing how likable and close he is to Keith) telling Keith about the White Knight. It is a title granted to the best knight. The current White Knight is someone called Lord Aldoria.
    NUNS ordered Windermere to dispatch all of the Aerial Knights to fight a battle with Zentraedi and everyone is uneasy because the battle is far from their planet and doesn’t involve them to have their best fighters risk their lives. Ernest and Gramia had a cameo in the previous chapter with Ernest not agreeing with NUNS and Gramia saying they have to respect the treaty thus obey NUNS requests

    3) Morris, Keith, Roid and Bogue go to a village (Cassim’s one) to improve their moods. The twins appear and are introduced as merchants. One of the things they were selling was Hayate’s pendant.

    4) A NUNS soldier starts badmouthing Windermere, saying NUNS supervises most of the fold quartz of the planet and besides that they only have apples and nothing of worth. The chapter ends with Cassim punching said soldier and Keith watching the encounter.

    Roid concerns me. In the manga he says he joined the Knights School because he wants to protect something, but he also spends most of his free time going to the ruins. He looks like he is hiding things but not completely evil. After this episode I don’t know what to think, Gramia’s death caused his actions to take a turn for the worst.

    • Eva says:

      :O I haven’t watched Macross Zero so I was been aware of that. But sweet! That sounds cool!

      I haven’t had the chance to read the manga because I haven’t been well and been super busy (though I did bookmark it). I’ll try to find time to read it before the next episode! That being said, thank you for the breakdown or it! ^ v ^/

      //Roid concerns me. In the manga he says he joined the Knights School because he wants to protect something, but he also spends most of his free time going to the ruins. He looks like he is hiding things but not completely evil. After this episode I don’t know what to think, Gramia’s death caused his actions to take a turn for the worst.//

      I often wonder if to “protect something” is referring to busting their aging problem, because that could be referring to the entire race as whole. But it’s probably something else, and most likely protoculture since he is pretty much obsessed with “WE ARE THE TRUE HEIR OF PROTOCULTURE!111”
      Gramia’s death definitely caused his actions to take a turn for the worst, but I think it mainly has to do with the amount of authority and power Heinz has given him. And I certainly don’t trust the legitimacy of the “King’s True Will” he had then passed on to Heinz. He made not be evil evil, but I can see him exploiting rare opportunities.

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