Macross Delta Episode 17

Not a whole lot happened in this week’s episode, but we did get one heck of a concert, fanservice and a lot of plot-heavy details. The first and the biggest mystery one is of course about Mikumo. Macross Delta Ep 17 Img 0006The vetran members of the group have noticed Mikumo hasn’t been acting like herself since Freyja’s birthday party. Kaname in particular is especially concern as she learned how Mikumo does not possess any memories of her past, where she is from or her family. All she has to lead her is her urge to sing. This only makes me even more anxious to discover the truth, and to see whether or not she really connected to or perhaps the true heir  of Protoculture as I suspecting her to be. She has always had this mystical aura around her, and sincerely feel there is a lot more to her than meet the eye. It is also no coincidence that Roid has been studying both her and Freyja’s performances.

Then we have Freyja and Hayate’s relationship development. I am quite convinced that Hayate has become much more conscious of Freyja being a girl as he has been blushing and seems to be frequently caught up in the moment with her. Macross Delta Ep 17 Img 0011It goes without saying Freyja is wearing her heart on her sleeve with her rune shining so brightly as result of Hayate’s gift and feelings growing even stronger. It looked as though Freyja was very close to confessing until an elderly couple interrupted them to tell her how great her performance was. Seeing them made her shift her mind to the way they age. Until she had left Winderemere, Freyja didn’t realize how it was normal for other species to develop wrinkles as they grow older. She used to think it was a species’ characteristic. Due to Winderemereans’ short lifespan, they never get to experience or see wrinkles, so it is completely foreign to them. Then, In discussion of family and time, Hayate screwed up when he accidentally insensibly said how it has only been a couple of years since he had last seen his mother/went back home.

But that wasn’t the only thing that has gone wrong. Macross Delta Ep 17 Img 0018Later, when Hayate meets up again with the pilot they had rescued, he is told he should not be involved with the Windermeres and leave immediately. Hayate who quickly connects the dots demands answers from Captain Arad, who then revealed it was his father who dropped the Dimensional Bomb. However, he further adds how Wright had contacted the Windermereans independence fighters in secret and stole a dimensional warhead the officially didn’t have in papers. What he did was annihilate the NUNS forces along with their entire garrison base, but a great number of local civilians were caught in the crossfire as well.

This quickly makes things kind of awkward between Freyja and Hayate, but one problem. Not too long later, we then learn how Wright was an odd-ball and was close to the local Winderemere children. He tells him he believes he wasn’t the kind to commit a senseless genocide.

The most important thing to take away from this are two things: Macross Delta Ep 17 Img 0020The first is the fact Wright made contact with the Windermere Independence Fighters despite being a NUNS member himself, and made the decision to drop the Dimensional Bomb onto the Garrison base. The second is the part that making me a bit confused now. So the Windermere has been using the bomb footage to show how the NUNS had attacked them, but now we are hearing the target was the NUNS’ Garrison Base and the locals who were within the circumstance of the explosion were essentially caught in the crossfire. Ehhh… actually you know what, I’m just going to wait it out until next week  for the sake of better explanation since it looks like Cassin and Freyja will get the chance to talk (and he’s one of the reasonable ones).

Next week is the Voldor Protoculture Ruins infiltration mission, and it looks like it won’t go as smoothly as they will like it to go.



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3 Responses

  1. Pam says:

    It was mentioned in episode 14 that Hayate’s dad is dead

    • Eva says:

      Thank you for the clarification, made the adjustment. :)

      • Ghostbear0 says:

        Hyate said he was deadSpacy could have him stuffed under a rock somewhere. Something about the way this is playing out makes me think the reports of his demise may be not so greatly exagerated. Then again my spider sense sucks.

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