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Macross Delta Ep 10 Img 0004From the very beginning of the episode, it was so clear… oh so crystal clear that this episode was going to be a tragic one. The question was, how many was going to die or get severely injured. In fact I was expecting at least two characters to die, Messer and the young prince Heinz. Much to my surprise, Prince Heinz he actually gets to live another day, his life was most likely spared thanks to Mikumo’s voice forcing the Ruins to respond to hers as well which then led to an unexpected turn of events- which I will get to in a moment. Messer on the other-hand, there was no escaping his death flag, the timer was set and the clock was ticking down by the second. There has already been numerous of warnings that Messer was not going to survive the series, but it was right at the very beginning of this episode which had planted the death flag. They follow the common pattern, wondering whether or not he should really be alive, putting him in a special setting with Kaname where there he opened up to her about how her song, Axia had saved him and entrusts her his bracelet that carries her song. Macross Delta Ep 10 Img 0029Then later he is deployed to serve elsewhere, but then comes by while defying orders in order to protect Kaname at all cost. He successfully manages to do so, and he asks of her to sing, knowing that was probably going to be the last time they would ever seen each other. So Kaname sings (Axis is such a beautiful but sad song), and Messer surprises us with two things: Riding the wind and somehow managing to successfully control the Var to enable him to be an even more powerful pilot. And although it was short-lived, Messer was also had the privilege, to see the wind. How he was able to see it, I’m not fully certain- I am guessing it either has to do with resonating with Kaname’s song like Hayate does with Freyja or it has to do with the Var.

And while we are still on the subject of the battle: It goes without say that the combat sequences were insanely good! It really set the bar of the quality of their dogfights, making it even more exciting to watch. The details they put into it was fantastic, if the animation quality were to dip in the coming episodes, I wouldn’t even care- because I would be more than happy to see them put all the funds behind these combats scenes. It was that good! Oh- and it’s also worth mentioning the Jellyfish Festival was gorgeous as well, the scene was absolutely stunning.

Macross Delta Ep 10 Img 0010Amidst the chaos and despair, a plot bomb has been dropped and holy smokes, it was a big one. Only one problem: We might have to wait until next week (or longer) to find out exactly what it was. An unexpected turn of events took place when Mikumo fiercely sang to the ruins, which was then responding due to Prince Heinz’s song. By doing so, Mikumo’s voice was also able to reach Prince Heinz which then it seems the wind, or in this case-  for the sake of simplicity, the ‘energy‘ of the two songs clashed, causing a major interference when then triggered something within the Ruins, which then negated both songs, knocking out Prince Heinz, Mikumo and Freyja who was the closest to her at the time. However before they were knocked unconscious, all three of them experienced something extraordinary, a vision of a sort, what appears to be a mix of each others’ memories of their past and perhaps a prophecy. The only clue we have is that they describe what was below them as a massive hole. Now two things come to mind, either it’s the past showing parts of the truth of how Dimensional Weapon’ disaster unfolded or is indicating it is about to happen again, and perhaps on a greater scale.

Macross Delta Ep 10 Img 0009At first I was suspicious of Mikumo, but now I think she will be playing a far more important role despite the fact how she likes to fade in the background when she goes off on her own. She has the ability and strength to also reach the Prince Heinz through the ruins, which is vital since she is in the process of investigating how it works and appears to be trying to figure out ways how to reach out to him. Unlike the others, it feels as though Mikumo has a special relation with the ruins since she has the ability to sense things which others cannot. I am curious to see whether or not Freyja has the same ability because right now I think it has only really been highlighted with her and Hayate being compatible partners when it comes to combat. Anyhow, I eagerly look forward to learning about Mikumo, she is such a mysterious and fascinating character.

Macross Delta Ep 10 Img 0008It should not be forgotten how the Winderemere Kingdom has been working on a device of a sort to amplify Prince Heinz’ song so that he can reach even further into the universe. However, the cost is that he puts Heinz’s life on the line, something which Lord Roid had tried fiercely to prevent from happening. On that note, I do wonder what Lord Roid will do. He seems to be the only one who cares about Heinz’ well-being, I mean- Keith, Prince Heinz’ own brother, and his father doesn’t care. They would rather have him die singing in order to win the war they are waging. With that in mind, I wonder if he will turn out to be one of those characters who tries to become neutral in attempt to save Heinz’ life, or will try to find a way to get Walkure to accomplish what Heinz is doing right now.

Final word goes out to Messer. Not only he will be dearly missed, but boy… The Delta Platoon just lost an incredibly their ace pilot who was the only one who could keep up with Keith. Until Messer disobeyed orders and joined the fray, the Delta Platoon- without Walkure- were being run over by the Windermere knights. It will be interesting to say the least how they will be able to keep up with them in the future battles.

Macross Delta Ep 10 Img 0023

RIP Messer :(


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4 Responses

  1. Shahir says:

    I was starting to like Messer. He should have stayed abit longer

  2. zer0sen says:

    asking permission to comment :)
    i like your point of view about this episode.
    at this point i never know how much strong the power between Heinz, Mikumo (or Freyja).
    but how the augmented “wind” from Heinz can be negated by Mikumo is interesting.
    indeed she is mysterious, that’s why i’m beginning suspiscious that mikumo is Lady M, but there is no strong backbone to support this theory ^^;

    at last, the death of messer. how the blood splattered (the sound make it even worse) had shocked me T.T. but where is the war, there will be a fallen soldier, Rest in Peace Messer T.T

    (sorry for bad english)

    • Eva says:

      Thank you! And you are welcome to comment any time! :3

      Agree, Messer’s death scene was quite brutal… I wish he didn’t have to die… ; – ; I really wanted to see him and Kaname interact more :( There goes my OTP.

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