Ajin Episode 8: Brace for Impact

Of course the plan is genocide, of course it is. Satou is a crazy motherfucker, he loves killing, so of course they’re going to kill to fight for Ajin rights.

[DeadFish] Ajin (2016) - 08v2 [720p][AAC].mp40004With the meeting Satou planned, he brought the men up to speak with them. Of course some of them were hesitant about Satou because they weren’t sure what he had planned to fight for Ajin’s equal rights. It’s not really a plan. Genocide. Genocide is just a mass killing of people, I wouldn’t consider that a plan either. Half of the men that arrived there like the plan because they’re just as crazy as him, while the other half were against it. Satou said they could leave, but one of the men talked back at him saying that he would never allow Satou to carry out his genocide. It’s then that one of them notices something from the air vent and a dart was shot out of a rifle by Tanaka. The opposing Ajin, being lied to, were chased down and shot at just to be confined. The man that spoke back against Satou and a boy in a yellow jacket left the room and tried running off, but only the boy was able to escape.

The other man asked Tanaka if what he thought Satou planned on doing would be right. The government is hiding information about the Ajin from the public because whatever they’re hiding might cause widespread panic, but the genocide is going to be the one causing the panic. And for a minute there Tanaka looked like he was having doubts, so we might be seeing him make a turn for the better.

[DeadFish] Ajin (2016) - 08v2 [720p][AAC].mp40045As for the boy in yellow, he’s heading back home but being extra cautious thinking that Satou or the others are pursuing him. From the video of the “protest” meetup Tosaki observed, he saw how the boy’s eyes were tracing his IBM, and so Tosaki orders the boy’s capture to help him reach his goal. So when the boy gets home he gets jumped by the men Tosaki sent out. The boy jumped from the building and was close to escaping until Tosaki ran over the kid with the car. It’s then an ambulance arrived for him by a woman who had seen how bloody he was. The ambulance then takes him away, but he dies in the ambulance, but when he arrives at the hospital he just revives. Making sure not to get caught he quickly runs out of the ambulance.

As for Kei, what’s he doing? After getting up from being drowned, he ran into an old lady and accidentally made her fall. He was about to leave her but since there’s still some care and good in this kid…some, he helps her with her groceries and carries her on his back. As thanks, she lets him stay over at her house and brings him food. And just at that moment the news story about Kei being an Ajin plays…but thankfully the old woman doesn’t care. She has a grandson the same age as Kei that she never sees, so she probably just wanted the company. Kei uses this time to do some experiments with his IBM, such as learning how to bring it out, how long it can stay out, and how many times he can bring it out. The boy when riding the train home saw Kei’s IBM and at first thought it was Satou, but seeing as he was in the opposite direction, he realized it was someone else. Remembering that, after reviving in the ambulance he plans to run over to him for help.

At the very end, one of the men that stayed on Satou’s side who has a bad leg makes up with his smarts by helping with weapons and the Ajin website, where he had uploaded a video Satou had made, saying that they’re finally going to take action in ten days at a pharmaceutical. He ends it by saying…BRACE FOR IMPACT.

UH OH. Bad stuff is going to happen!! Not too much happened in this episode other than Kei practicing with his IBM and the other kid getting chased. Satou is crazy as hell, but we all knew that. Exciting things are going to happen, and Satou’s dumb because this genocide is just going to make the Ajin look bad. He’s just screwing himself over. With a plan like that, things aren’t going to get resolved, they’re just going to get worse.


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