Ajin Episode 10: Disintegration Begins as Soon as It Occurs

More talking this episode, not much happening except for us learning more things thanks to Ogura finally talking.

[DeadFish] Ajin (2016) - 10 [720p][AAC].mp40057First, Nakano is still in the truck. And still angry. Kei brings him a bag full of food and magazines, and that’s it. Kei is having his own little troubles getting suspicious looks from some of the villagers, one man named Kita who goes around talking about Kei. This man doesn’t trust Kei and he talks with the other men of the village about it. Kei really has to play the part of the old woman’s grandson or else he’ll really look like a dangerous outsider. This Kita man has trust issues because of family problems so he’s probably going to be the toughest to deal with. But Kei puts up an act and makes peace with a few of the village’s men. He’s still also looking around the forest, trying to learn stuff for something, which really does make him look suspicious. Also, he learned his black ghost will do the opposite of what he says so he kind of found a way to control his black ghost. So, the black ghost is kind of like a puppy!

The more important stuff is the fact that we’ve learned more things about the IBM. Such as it’s not perfect. The ghosts can only be brought out at least once or twice a day and no more. Also, it can easily disintegrate and they cannot be brought out when it’s raining because they would just disintegrate and fall apart. Also, apparently the Ajin that can summon the IBM are called New Breeds, which means that this is a new thing. It’s saying that there were Ajin before that could not do this, so this begs the question why these certain Ajin can summon them, and how. Tosaki uses all the info he got and proposes a plan to the people at the lab, and at first they were against it but Sokabe, the man recording his work, takes his side and points out that the scientists haven’t done shit. So why talk down to Tosaki when they haven’t done anything to give themselves authority. But Tosaki finds out that Sokabe and the boss knows that Professor Ogura is alive, so they’re working against him.

The day of the attack on the pharmaceutical company has arrived and Satou and his gang set out so I’m guessing we’ll see the attack next episode. Since Kei doesn’t give a crap, and Nakano is trapped, it’s going to get really bloody.


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