Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut – Episode 4 [The Sixth Ruin -Miniature Garden- ]

Ooo, what’s this? Krucilfer’s fiance is secretly working with Lux’s older brother Fugil? Who appears to have knowledge about Krucilfer’s big secret??

The episode unfolds with a sleepy Lux trying not to pass out in class. Krucilfer approaches Lux and they discuss the impending Drag-Ride duel with Balzeride. Lisha joins in on the conversation and insists on adding a drill to Lux’s Drag-Ride. He refuses her offer. vlcsnap-00008

After class, Lux is walking through the campus when he is approached by Tillfarr, the perky little brunette with her hair pulled back in a high ponytail. She pulls Lux into a side room, where he is confronted by Lisha and Philuffy in maid uniforms, and the three girls tell him they’re there to take care of him. The scene is blatant fanservice, and it’s really only worth watching for Lisha’s line (and Lux’s reaction) at the very end.

At Atismata Castle, the Four Nobles have gathered together to discuss the Ragnarok Poseidon’s attempts to awaken the Abyss monsters fossilized inside the ruins located around the New Kingdom. The nobles are unsure if they are strong enough to fight Ragnarok, and this is when Balzeride’s father interjects to ask that his son be allowed to continue the investigation of The Ruins, where a secret weapon is apparently lying in slumber. I’m guessing Balzeride and his father want said weapon for themselves, but who knows.

On an unrelated side note, I’m a little thrown every time I see Balzeride because I’m reminded of Allen Schezar from The Vision of Escaflowne, and I hate that mental connection because I don’t want my favourite anime ruined by this jerkface. >_<

vlcsnap-00017Later, Headmistress Reiri gathers the Chivalric Order together to discuss the investigation of The Ruins which is set to take place the following day. They are secretly going to investigate the horn whistle key, and Reiri gives it to Lux for safekeeping. Lisha tries once more to get Lux to allow her to put a drill on his Drag-Ride, and he shuts her down again. After the meeting Lux and Krucilfer have a short conversation; apparently Krucilfer got permission to join in the investigation, despite being a transfer student (something it sounds like would ordinarily keep her barred from participating).

There’s a huge fanservice-y scene with Philuffy and Lux in the bath, and I know it’s probably a little dumb but I think it’s adorable how flustered Lux gets when he’s confronted by nudity, especially when it’s Philuffy involved. He tries his best not to look, even though he obviously really wants to. However buried in this scene are a few lines about the investigation into the Abyss – apparently Philuffy was ordered not to go for some reason, and Lux notices a scar is missing from her back. Is there a connection between the two? Why isn’t Philuffy allowed to go with the rest of the Chivalric Order?

The next day, there is a quick briefing on the day’s mission, and Krucilfer’s douchebag fiance shows up to basically rub it in everyone’s face how awesome he thinks he is. He is to be the shield for the students, something that no one is happy about.

Once the investigation starts, it’s pretty obvious that the students are not anywhere near the league of this Abyss.  Even Lisha and Krucilfer’s Divine Drag-Rides are having little effect. Finally it is Balzeride’s Divine machine which kills the Abyss by lodging an axe in its torso. As the Abyss explodes, the energy waves seem to trigger some kind of magical criteria in the Ruins, which cause it to begin glowing. At the same time, Krucilfer’s Drag-Ride begins to come apart as she starts to lose control of the machine. Lux attempts to help by shielding Krucilfer with his Wyvern, and he blacks out. The two are encapsulated in a blue ball of energy and whisked down to the Ruins.

While he’s unconscious, Lux has a flashback to when he was a child and his older brother Fugil found him after he had tried a new technique. Fugil angrily asks how Lux lost control of his Drag-Ride, and how he was able to cause so much destruction to the ground. vlcsnap-00041

When Lux wakes up, Krucilfer confirms for him that they are indeed in The Ruins. Lux is completely thrown for a loop, but Krucilfer knows what’s going on. She says they have to head for the altar that’s at the centre of it, and Lux just goes with it because really, what else can he do? It’s obvious Krucilfer knows more than she is letting on, and when they finally reach the altar, she reveals her big secret: she is not from Earth, but is really the last surviving member from The Ruins!

My thoughts: The Ruins are so prettyyyyy ~  Ah, I’m such a sucker for shiny things. *0*

I was finding the episode a little slow, but it picked up at the end once Krucilfer and Lux got transported to the Ruins. I’m glad we got to see the reason why Krucilfer was being a little cold towards Lux since their date.

After seeing the altar start to glow, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in next week’s episode. Maybe Krucilfer will get a power up? Or she’ll be sent somewhere else? Maybe she will access the secret weapon inside?



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