Norn9: Norn+Nonet Episode 6

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This was a weird episode for me, but I am glad they finally settled down to confirming (which had to be now or never at this stage of the series) we are now locked onto Sakuya’s route. But while doing so, it left me scratching my head and super frustrated with their bizarre changes they have made, along with the way this whole episode was “organized”.

Let’s start off with the insane amount of adjustments they have made to many of Sakuya’s events. While Natsuhiko x Mikoto is my OTP, I also love Sakuya’s and Itsuki’s routes as well (in my opinion, she has the best group of guys). So since they settled onto Sakuya’s route I was ready for that, but they did not deliver in the way I had anticipated them to.

Norn9 Ep 6 Img 0020

Are you kidding me? : (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

It frustrated me with how much they had adjusted his events. What was the point of making all those adjustments if they weren’t actually going to change routes? They didn’t need to change up the entire scene, minor adjustments would have been enough, plugging in Anime-Original Content as part of the add-on feature. Furthermore, it drive me nuts how little of a follow up we had for Mikoto and Sakuya. Right now, of all the couples, they are the ones who are lagging behind the most because of the lack of screen-time used to to permit further development. Instead, rather than focusing on Sakuya and Mikoto development (which quite frankly was almost non-existent this episode), they took the opportunity to reveal Ron is the one causing mayhem on the ship AKA the traitor. By doing so, Ron ends up being the primary focus. And it infuriates me because they could have easily taken care of both had they just stuck to the original contexts of the events, and insert minor Anime-Original details. And pardon me but YOU KNOW WHAT? THEY EVEN CUT OUT ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT INTERACTIONS BETWEEN THE TWO (ALSO HAPPENS TO BE ONE OF MY FAVOURITE SCENES). LIKE WHY, WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU SKIP SUCH A HEART-WRENCHING AND BITTERSWEET SCENE?! IT JUST, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO CHANGE IT SO MUCH?!?!!?! I can see them making up that said scene some other time (though it’s hard to imagine… >_>), but COME ON, with all the tension and “forbidden” love struggle going on, this was the time to do it- not to adjust it!*HUFFS*  This leads to my next problem:

Who in the world thought it would be a genius idea to suddenly they decided to throw in (literally, out of the blue) the whole development going on between the bandit desperately trying to stop a man who wants to start a war?
Norn9 Ep 6 Img 0023As we see this take place, they start talking about the RESET, which at this point I was throwing my hands up in the air shouting, “WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT!?” because I just… I can’t.  Not only was it in the position to be incredibly forgettable and overshadowed by everything else, but they threw it in so randomly, and the follow up was so poor- I was baffled by how abruptly they had brought it up, and I wouldn’t be surprised if an Anime-Only viewer felt lost during the entire conversation. And while the audience can safely assume this battle is taking place in a entirely different time zone, the whole night and day difference really did not do them any favors. Instead it only made it feel even more out of place.
I understand and respect Norn9 is ridiculously difficult to adapt, but ugh, I feel like they could have been a lot smarter than that. I don’t know what they were thinking or why they wanted it to plug it in right then and there.
With that being said, I will tell you right now: I would honestly prefer to wait for the more appropriate time to delve into the subject, because if I discuss it now, you are only going to be spoiled.

Norn9 Ep 6 Img 0003

While the vast majority of the episode was making my head spin and inner fangirl rage about their adjustments, I was at least able to cherish the fact they did follow up on Nanami x Akito’s post-dream conclusion. I literally cheered when I saw Akito standing outside in the morning, telling Nanami it wasn’t him who was strangling her, he would do that, and conveyed how upset he was about how she didn’t try to protect herself and proceeds to hug her (OH MY HEART! *GROSS SOBBING* BEST SCENE OF THE EPISODE). Koharu and Kakeru also follow up on their dream, being shy and awkward around each other, which I will admit considering how I don’t particular like Kakeru- was adorable to watch and made my heart flutter a bit. They too were able to confirm they had both experienced the same dream and what happened was indeed very real. By the end of the episode, Koharu ends up finding Kakeru’s ear-cuff whcih was in Ron’s hands. While snatching it back, she hears an ominous comment from Ron, of how Kakeru has finally been acting on his own again. Still, she returns it to him but along with the information she had learned from Ron and Kakeru looks pretty horrified at the news. Will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

I’m pretty much done with this week’s episode. My head hurts from all the changes and I feel like I need to lower my expectations even more despite being cautiously optimistic. Presently, I am very disappointed with how much Mikoto’s relationship developments have been left on the back-burner and I sincerely hope they will use their time wisely from here on out because we are now half-way through the series and Koharu x Kakeru and even Nanami x Akito are way ahead of them in terms of development.


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4 Responses

  1. Alice says:

    I had a feeling that Natsuhiko’s route is not going to be possible, seeing how his whole route is so different from everyone else’s. Plus, his route is locked until you play one of the other two Mikoto guy’s routes. Spoilers abound is the reason. But the whole opening of the anime threw me off. Why would they plainly show Mikoto and Natsuhiko together, along with the other canon couples? Plus, Sakuya isn’t very popular compared to Natsuhiko. However, I’m actually fine with Mikoto being with either guy.

    Sakuya was the second route I played, right after Kakeru’s, so I don’t remember too much. But where was the hugging scene after Sakuya found Mikoto??? Missed opportunity right there. And then the whole Masamune using his power on Kakeru’s bed… that was never in the game. I never knew he could do that to inanimate objects. That just brings up a bunch of plot-holes. (Why didn’t he do that during all the other attacks?) Wouldn’t he also stop Ron once he found out that he took the ear cuff? Did he not think he was the traitor?

    I didn’t really think about the consequences of showing Ron being the traitor or the whole fight with Natsuhiko and the terrible, unpopular man. But thinking about it now, revealing Ron so early just ruins the suspense for the viewers. None of the routes they are showing had Ron revealed as the traitor so early. And the fight on land definitely was out of place and probably confusing to people watching who hasn’t played the game. Leave that to the end where the plot twists should go. Even though you need to play all the routes in the game to piece the whole story together doesn’t mean they can ruin the viewers’ experience by showing things too early. My first experience with the reveal is different from people watching the anime who haven’t played the game. The whole foreshadowing during episode 3 (or was it 4?) with the robots and weapons was a good way to show something is not quite right with the era Sorata is in in. They should have done more of that!

    I think the reason why Mikoto and Sakuya is so behind in development is because their route revolves around the Norn9 plot more so than the other 2 couples. (Considering what happens at the end of their happy ending) Maybe they are trying to add in more Natsuhiko to further Mikoto and Sakuya’s relationship. He doesn’t get enough screen time, as is. *shrugs*

    Anyway, I agree that the one scene with Nanami and Akito was the best this episode. I’m so glad they added it in. <3 Better, I think. No Akito barging into Nanami's room like in the game, which made me wonder if they ever lock their doors. Oh yeah, they pretty much kept the most important lines in, too. Now I'm wondering how the writers will further their relationship. Next important scene they have is the part where they are in the city and Nanami running away from Akito, and Heishi and Itsuki tries to help them, and Nanami and Akito communicate their feelings. (Basically, the best turning point scene in the game. <3 My heart always aches playing those scenes)

    Oh yeah, Kakeru and Koharu… I always forget about them. lol Not much to say but I was shocked how Koharu straight out said what Ron told her. That wasn't in the game. (At least the bad ending was avoided so far, whew~)

    I'm just waiting to see how the anime will go from here on out. The further through the story we go, the harder it is to follow all 4 routes from the game closely.

    • Eva says:

      Yeah I had a feeling too in the back of my head. It makes a lot more sense and is a lot more practical to be focusing of Sakuya’s route instead of Natsuhiko since the different setting of the route would complicate the series- unless it had been 24 episodes. (In fact, I am kind of relieved they didn’t because they haven’t been consistent with their pacing). One thing to always remember for all Otome Games’ adaptions is the OP can NEVER BE TRUSTED. Also worth pointing out both the game opening and the anime opening are similar so it makes further sense why it didn’t actually mean anything.

      Sakuya’s route was my 3rd pick after Kakeru and Senri. Yes, they skipped that precious embrace scene, UGH, WHY WOULD THEY SKIP IT?! So frustrating. Regardless, though like you said their route is heavy in plot, and less romantic goodies, they could have easily kept the original plot contents of the falling tree and so on, it would at least permit them to be spending time TOGETHER than apart as they have made them instead. And of course the emotional embrace, that damn hug would have been considered as major development for them because they are finally communicating with each other, which the anime has been sorely lacking.

      //…but I was shocked how Koharu straight out said what Ron told her. That wasn’t in the game. (At least the bad ending was avoided so far, whew~)//

      Yeah I thought the exactly same thing, “wait a minute, that wasn’t in the game… or was it?”

  2. hee7 says:

    The Reset was mentioned at the beginning of episode 2. :V

    (Been lurking here for you reviews, so hiiiiii. *ahem*)

    I’m really curious about a lot of the changes for the anime, this episode especially. I still think we’re on Natsuhiko’s route — an important moment was left out of Sakuya’s version of the dream sequence — we’ll just likely not get into it as much as you would on its own. From what I can tell, Mikoto and Sakuya both love each other but the depth of Mikoto’s love seems almost entirely from a friendship/protector stance. Establishing their relationship and its dynamic is important if we’re to transition to Natsuhiko’s route (or not!).

    Unlike you, I really liked the random tank/battle thing — though it could have been done better. It seemed to always come from left field in the VN, so seeing it hinted at a few episodes back then in this one was pretty nice. I kinda get why you’re mad about it but at the same time dropping hints works for me since in the VN you replay the game so often that you’re intended to have some of that knowledge for the later routes.

    And man, that end. Heh.

    Ah, well. Adaptations are weird. I like that it has taken some liberties to set itself apart from the VN while (imo) respecting it.

    • Eva says:

      Hiii! :D Welcome~

      Interesting to hear some believe they is still a chance for Natsuhiko, I certainly wouldn’t complain, but the further along we get, if a canon ship isn’t selected then both will be neglected from development. :( So if they do shift routes, I hope it is done right.

      //Unlike you, I really liked the random tank/battle thing — though it could have been done better//

      The scene was cool and pretty well done, but it probably could have been timed/placed in the better position. I’m not sure if starting at the beginning of the episode, or leave it at the end of the episode as a cliffhanger would have helped.

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