Kowabon – Episode 6

Minor technical difficulties on (possibly) my end mean I am reviewing only one episode this week. It is also not subtitled, so I am attempting to follow along with the raw. My apologies in advance if I misinterpret something!

Episode 6 features a spectre who is haunting a parking garage. There are, as far as I can tell, three men working the night shift, chattering back and forth as they flip through the different security cameras on the lot. As they pass through one of the feeds, one of the guards sees a spooky sight. One of his companions goes down to investigate, but can’t see the ghoul. He heads towards the elevator, and the guard watching him starts to panic as he sees the creature start to follow the guard, and then materialize ahead of him inside the elevator when its doors open. The elevator door slides shut, and we hear nothing further from the first guard. No screams, nothing. The security camera feed suddenly cuts to static before mysteriously restoring itself.

The remaining security guards start to freak out a little. Their camera feeds are behaving weirdly, for no reason, and they don’t know what happened to the guard who got into the elevator with the ghost. It sounds like the guy watching the camera is trying to tell his coworker about the spirit, but the latter refuses to believe the story. This second remaining guard then leaves the room where they are watching the camera feeds from.

The guard left inside is a mess as he watches his cameras cut out one by one, until only one is left. That feed is brought up to the main screen, and he can see the spectre watching him. It appears further away, then it is suddenly right in front of the camera. Moments later, his screams are heard as bloody handprints appear all over the inside of the window of the security room.

 My thoughts: I continue to be impressed with the creativity in this series. Not just with the rotoscoped animation, but the creativity in picking which types of cameras are used, and how the ghouls haunt the living. I think this episode was also the first where we actually saw blood! This wasn’t my favourite episode, as there weren’t really any people to watch, and some of the scare-factor is removed when I can only listen to (unsubbed) voices.



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