Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Ep 2

It goes without saying this week’s pace was a lot better, which involved sacrificing a couple of scenes. But much to my relief, most of the scenes they cut out weren’t that important, they were mostly just another character’s perspective on an on-going scene. And depending on how they arrange it, we may see some of them next week.

DanMachi Ep 2 Img 0025This week’s episode’s primary focus on was on Hestia, doing her uttermost best to persuade her fellow Goddess colleague to build her beloved Bell a custom weapon, despite not having the money to pay for it. After how the internet exploded after the premiere aired over Hestia being Bestia, one could say this episode was well deserved for her and her new fans. What I love about Hestia is that isn’t ashamed to beg for assistance. She was on her hands and knees and stayed put until she was able to persuade Hephaistos, and it paid off. Hestia also made a resolve today. She decided that for Bell’s sakes, she will do her best to help push him to become stronger, despite the fact one of the reasons for his growth is thanks to his feelings towards Aiz. Hestia can be petty, but she isn’t petty enough to keeping lying about Bell’s special ability by keeping it a secret, nor is she petty enough to be extremely selfish about her feelings. Instead she will happily take what she can, and that means being promised that Bell will always be by her side.

DanMachi Ep 2 Img 0012While the majority of the episode was filled with the cuteness overload of Hestia and her interactions with Bell, we were introduced to Freya, the Goddess of Beauty. Man, this woman is nothing but trouble. The eyes were saw last week belonged to her. She has been keeping a close eye on Bell, and her mission during the God’s Banquet was to figure out which Familia he belonged to. They left out the part that Freya had specifically charmed the monster that had escaped to target Hestia, so she wasn’t afraid of the risk of her being killed if it goes south.

The monster is a dangerous one and is well above Bell’s level. Bell was terrified, but he vowed to never stand helplessly in front of a girl against and mustered up his courage to face it. However much to his horror, his knife didn’t stand a chance against it. The monster simply destroyed it and the next thing you know, Bell is smacked into the wall and he and Hestia are forced to run further into the Daedalus Street. Seeing how things were hopeless as it is, Bell makes a selfless decision to put Hestia’s safety first, and decides to try and buy time in order to for Hestia to escape.

DanMachi Ep 2 Img 0034

Unfortunately for him, amidst all the chaos, Hestia forgot to give him his brand new weapon made just for him! WELP!

Finally, before I wrap it up, it is unfortunate to say the dungeon scene was one of the casualties to the cuts made today. Since they did not provide the audience any explanation about the dungeon, as I promised last week, I will provide you a few statements from the first volume of the novel to help you understand a bit more about it.

  • Many people refer to the Dungeons around the world as one of the three of the world’s great mysteries. A colossal “unknown” sleeps within the deepest part of the dungeon.
  • The Dungeon in Orario is the only one in the world. It existed even before the Gods arrived to join the Humans.
  • The Gods never told anyone a straight answer about it the origins.
  • The dungeon is in a way alive as it heals itself. Monsters hatch from the dungeon walls, most stay on their birth floor.


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6 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    Japanese cosplayers have tried to replicate Hestia’s chest ribbon look; the results have been mixed.

    A Japanese tweet had this to say on the appeal of Hestia’s dress:
    “The breast-string that raises her breasts when she raises her arms is a brilliant invention. I think it should get this season’s ‘good design’ award. And although your eyes go straight to her breasts, her waist and underarms have just the right degree of chubbiness…. It’s godly. GODly.”
    (The two words in the Japanese are kami, the Japanese word for a god, which is often translated “godly” when applied to animation; and the actual English word GOD.)

  2. That addition to the opening with Bell and Hestia looking our way is a nice touch!

    My goddess- I mean, goodness, to think that I thought that Freya was related to bell T_T On a more pleasant note, I’m really glad you spoke about Hestia’s humility as it was quite impressive to me. As for the albino targeting Hestia and not Bell, they somewhat implied it. Before Hestia questioned if it was looking at her, Freya’s line was “Chase after little me”. So that combined with how it only gave attention to Bell when he would attack let me interpret Freya’s order correctly, it seems.

    Thanks again for the fascinating insight on the Dungeon, especially since you did it in a way that still keeps it a mystery. Perhaps they’re saving it for an episode where he actually goes back into the Dungeon. I’m just hoping the creature at the heart of it isn’t intent on destroying the world. If so, guiding people through a dungeon to learn their fighting techniques would be quite clever.

    So, I’m going to assume Hestia was actually anticipating Bell getting to a level where he can handle the weapon made by such a famous smith. Suddenly, an albino monster shows up to potentially kill him? That’s some great misfortune right there. Of course, Eva knows the answer, but she can only say so much.

    The fanservice was put in its rightful place! By that I mean that it was in a scene where two women were “discussing womenly matters”. The person who was out of place was that one god who called one “loli-big-boobs” and “Loki-no-boobs” :P

    • Eva says:

      I actually left out a critical detail involving the Dungeon as I am waiting to see whether or not they are planning to mix it into whatever content of Vol 2. (But even if they don’t, I won’t bring it up). Overall the Dungeon information in Vol 1 is relatively vague, but gives you provides just enough information to grasp what is it, and the mysteries that revolve around it.

      The Loli-big-boob VS Loki-no-boobs fight actually canon material in the novel- it was a fun read. XD

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