Log Horizon S2 Episode 2

To go into a huge raid, you would need to go into it with a group of 24 people and Shiroe knows where to go. We get taken to Susukino, the place where they went to save Serara. The place is a lot different now compared to last time. It’s more peaceful, it’s safe, and everyone seems to be doing well. Naotsugu and Regan split up from Shiroe and walk around town, while Shiroe goes into the Silver Sword guild building.

He talks to William Massachusetts, who Shiroe offered to join the Round Table but refused. He agrees to Shiroe’s offer immediately. They’re a combat guild, but he says he can only take 22 people because the difficulty is too high for others, and because the idea of dying isn’t great. We know that memories disappear when you die, but their fear is loss of pride and self-confidence. So they need to find two other adventurers to help them out.


Outside, Naotsugu and Regan come across a girl’s butt (literally), talk about panties, and out pops the most moe character in this show oh god. Ms. Sparkly Magical Girl Idol-chan desu, Tetra. She’s pink and everything and cutesy and it kinda hurts my eyes, but I actually like her. There they are, the three of them making puns and fart jokes, but Naotsugu sees that she’s actually a very high level player, and gives him the idea of adding her to the group.


Remember Demikas, the big guy terrorizing the town before? Well, he and his other guys joined Silver Sword, so now it’s that guild that keeps peace and order in Susukino. And of course he barges in and picks a fight with Shiroe. The way Shiroe handled this guy by playing dumb was hilarious. The way we get this info about Demikas is when Tetra and the guys come into the same building and starts yapping on very loudly, and even mentions Demikas has a People of the Land wife (lol). With two high-level people with them, Demikas and Tetra, we finally have a group. They go off to the depths of Palm.

Back in Akihabara, Shiroe have Akatsuki the job of protecting Princess Linessia. There could be Southern spies and the princess’ life could be in danger. It’s a little awkward between them, and this is how I want to see Akatsuki grow. I want her to really interact with people other than Shiroe, not just talk to them in passing or anything. She still wants to be a stronger person, and judging by the preview, I really want her to find herself.

Back with Shiroe, everyone’s been separated into teams and everything’s going well. Demikas isn’t really a team player, but he’s taking out a lot of enemies, and he came to the raid without lg2.40making a fuss, but William is going to be watching over him just in case. They reach the door where the real raid is going to start, and not surprisingly, Demikas really wants to tear Shiroe a new one. This guy is really predictable, and obviously he won’t let that one battle that defeated him go. With Demikas wanting to ruin Shiroe’s plans, we can see some fighting in this group, which will be bad once they’re in a high-level raid. Sheesh. They really needed people to go with them, but bringing Demikas was a bad idea. I can see this whole raid falling apart, all because of this idiot. What’s funny is when Shiroe was explaining raids in the beginning, he mentioned that these require trust of other teammates with their lives. Well…ha.

Also, I thought this part was absolutely adorable, but Marie and Naotsugu were like a married couple. Seriously she sounded like his wife. They both agreed that they would talk to each other through telepathy every night at exactly 9:00pm and that is the cutest thing ever. They were all blushy and smiling and IT WAS SO CUTE. Henrietta catches Marie during this, but Marie says she’s the liaison of her guild and Log Horizon, and that it’s all work. Of course it’s not, we all know what it is. And it’s so cute. Plus, Naotsugu said Tetra was lacking in “volume” and his mind then went to Marie, so…I ship it.


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