Blade and Soul Episode 3

As much as I would love to cover eight shows, starting this week I probably will be cutting a few from my list. So this will be the last episode I cover for Blade and Soul unless someone else picks it up. If not, then if it turns out to be pretty good all the way through, I might do a Random Review.

That said, it is unfortunate to say that this week’s episode was pretty dull. There were things that I did like about it, but overall it was quite a lackluster. It was great to see Alka find an alliance who too, shared the desire to seek revenge against Palam’s Flower Monks and Jin Varrel. Unfortunately that was short-lived since the Pleasure Gang was massacred, which sucks, a lot. Luckily though, it appears that Loana managed to survive since we see her up and alive next week. One of my biggest hopes as I have mentioned last week is Alka forming an alliance with all of the badass ladies whom she had met so far. Speaking of which, while Hazuki had shot Alka into the river for her own amusement to land a hit on her for an exchange, I think it’s safe to say that she did in a way save Alka because she prevent her from being captured by the Palam Empire.

One of the things that really caught my attention was how Loana pointed out that it looked as if Alka doesn’t have any emotional attachment to her master after she had claimed she was simply seeking revenge because it is part of Sword Clan’s code. Alka herself seemed to be a bit surprised, but given how she’s an assasin, I am not surprised to see her have cut off her emotional attachments to people or things. She is also pretty much a person who does her jobs solo. Another thing that was revealed to us today is what makes her Butterfly tattoo special. It’s not just a mark, there is something about it that allows her to resist Jin’s soul-sucking (or so it appears) attacks, and still be able to move. I am guessing it most likely has something to do with ‘purity’ VS ‘impurity’, but weirdly enough Ran was going on how they can’t have Jin tainted, which is again, strange because uh… by the look of it, her powers are like corrupted as hell…

Today’s episode made it pretty clear that Alka will be the only one capable of going up against Jin. The lady looked at if she was lazily swinging her blade around and was hardly making any effort while facing off one on one against Alka. However it wasn’t easy for Alka either, and I think she is going to have to learn more about the butterfly mark because by the look of it, it doesn’t appear that she knows what it does.

Karen is such a mysterious character, I really do wonder what she is up to. She had one of her guys
go out to check up on the Pleasure Gang, only to see the lot of them dead. But it also appears it is thanks to her having sent her guy there that Loana is still going to be alive in the first place.


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