Free! Episode 1 [First Impression]

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Eva’s First Impression:

IT’S TIME FOR THE SWIMMING ANIME!!!!!!!!! Ah man, this is definitely one of the shows I am looking forward to the most this season!!!!

Free! Ep 1 Img 0041Oh my god, WHAT IS AIR?! I could not stop laughing, because man- it’s just too funny. Of the four guys so far, both Nanase and Makoto are my immediate favorites. Nagisa is spot on when he describes Nanase as a dolphin because this guy is obsessed with water and can’t live without it. He eats grilled fish for breakfast and dinner- and probably lunch too if he packs it, during his free time he will sit in the tub and lose track of time, and he basically thinks about swimming 24/7. Makoto knows this and uses that to his advantage to persuade Nanase when he is being stubborn about things (and Nanase’s reaction is ridiculously adorable).

Nanase prefers to do free-style swimming as he has never been into competitive swimming (despite having shown that he has won lots of awards). He clearly indicated in the beginning that he can’t wait to be ‘normal’ because at this point I think he is sick of being identified as prodigy/genius. Nanase loves swimming, and that’s all there is to it.

Free! Ep 1 Img 0040I adore Makoto for many reasons. He is a ridiculously precious guy, incredibly perspective, and is like a friendly giant who likes to take care of things. He also shown to be the more rational person of the group, as for example both Nanase and Rin were about to dive into an empty pool and he was trying to warn them not to. The fact he’s scared of haunted places really just makes him even more precious than he already is to begin with.

Nagisa is a bubbly guy who is full of energy and sense of adventure. Of the entire group, he is probably the most optimistic and is the ‘moe’ boy of the group. Honestly speaking though, I don’t particular care about him right now. But at least he is funny.

Free! Ep 1 Img 0059Rin has undergone some serious changes as he’s quite cold and bitter towards the other guys. I think one of the main things that pisses him off is that Nanase isn’t swimming competitively and at this stage in life and the level of competition he is in (as he is striving to become an Olympic Swimmer- but we’re not sure if that’s dream still stands), and so because of that Makoto and Nagisa are probably considered not ‘worthy’ to hang out with. It is a bit of a pity since he was such a sweet kid and his idea of putting the relay trophy they had won together into a time capsule was a brilliant idea. But hey, if he were the same person there wouldn’t be any tensions now would there? I must say though, despite his horrible attitude, he looks mighty fine and badass. I also have to say, I am glad that he’s at another school because that sets up official rivalry and sets everything into motion of driving Nanase back into competitive swimming.

One of the things I was happy that the writer pointed out was the deliberate choice of names. We have the main guys all with girlish names, and then we have Rin’s sister Gou (or Kou as she would perfered to be called) for example who has a boy’s name. It definitely adds onto the humor, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some people just find it plain weird rather than comedic.

The animation, oh man- where to start? It is stunning, no doubt about that. But holy crap, their exaggerated stripping clothes moment is like- so over the top that I lose all ability to can. Fanservice? Definitely, and it’s funny as hell. I’m pretty sure this is going to be a consistent joke that will humor me until the very end of the show because how could you not laugh? And I must say, the Opening Sequence was BADASS. HOLY SMOKES I LOVED IT. IT WAS SO SICK! Then you have this ED Sequence, and I love the story behind it because it really does represent Nanase’s life. He is quite essentially a fish out of water, and the pools, the seas/oceans/lakes/rivers, baths- anything that has a water that he can go into is his oasis. In between that story you get all these dancing sequences, and you know what- now that Utapri S2 just finished, and seeing the boys dancing in the ED- I’m not going to lie, it amuses me greatly.

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