Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000% Ep 8: Cecil’s Resolution

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Utapri S2 Ep 8 Img 0014Ehhhhhh, this week’s episode was okay. I mean, it wasn’t that bad nor nearly as close as boring as Ren’s episode was of considering how it all played out. I am glad that Cecil finally found his resolve and decided that he wanted to be an idol. However the new conflict of Cecil being called back by his father to inherit the throne is something that I hope they aren’t going to repeat as a similar event to how Tokiya was coping with his alias as Hayato last season.

Then there was that TROLOLOL moment that I am sure everything knew was coming when Cecil was mopping around and apologized to Haruka because he felt like he was betraying his love for her for wanting to become an idol and make other people smile rather than just her alone. Of course Haruka was 100% supportive with his decision.

For those who didn’t know about Cecil’s curse, (the follow up of what we had seen last season that had felt so out of blue to the point a lot of people didn’t understand the point behind the scene of Haruka meeting Cecil) I felt that this episode in a way, helped tie that episode into the entire series better as now people know it wasn’t merely on the whim just to showcase the guy, it had happened at that time for a reason.

Utapri S2 Ep 8 Img 0032Cecil’s song was okay, but I wasn’t expecting the boys to join in and then trigger all that sparkle and god damn it sparkling hearts (so much to point it makes my head spin). You know what’s funny, I feel that a lot of the songs that we heard so far of this season feels quite underwhelming in some cases for the boys. Masato’s song was good, Natsuki’s as per usual, I really liked Cecil’s song back in the first season, but not so much in this one- even with STARISH singing altogether. I don’t know, it’s probably just me- I know a lot of people are loving it, but oh well. I just- oh wait, god damn it, I heard a preview of Tokiya’s new song and honestly I wasn’t that impressed. I just hope when I do hear it either next week or the week after that, it will be better than it appears based on the preview sample. :\

As for the STARISH boys, man… they are quite one happy family now- in fact, they get along so well that it’s almost creepy. Like, I know this isn’t a bad thing at all, but I don’t know- it’s going to take me a while to get used to seeing the different sides of particular characters such as Masato – who really freaked me out when he started laughing, then followed up by Ren- who of all people continue to surprise me with his ‘genuinely kind’ personality. What really gets to me (and not in a bad way) of how the entire STARISH group (maybe except for Syo) had welcomed Cecil with open arms. Like whoa, look how far these guys have come! Back in season one they weren’t friends at all, and now they are like BFFs!

Utapri S2 Ep 8 Img 0036So with that said, we’ll see how things unfold from this point on. While Cecil has only just joined STARISH now, if he decides to back out so that he can fulfill his father’s wish of becoming King well- I doubt the boys will take this nicely- in fact, this would be a contrast to how the group reacts of someone not joining/leaving the group in comparison to how last season Tokiya had to fight to keep his spot in the group due to his busy schedule as Hayato.



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