Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000% Ep 7: The Desire to Change

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Utapri S2 Ep 7 Img 0006THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD EPISODE! It was exactly what I have been eagerly waiting to see. Ever since that brief flashback and learning about Natsuki’s split personality Satsuki last season, he has always been an intriguing character to me. But up till now he was never quite a character I cared about (although he was and still my second favorite for the Character’s Idol CD) but today I couldn’t be more pleased to see this whole new side of Natsuki. It was like a breath of fresh air because we’re so used to seeing him act childishly and up till now (although I have to admit that Piyo Piyo song he did was ridiculously ADORABLE), have never been able to showcase his maturity- and seeing that today made me appreciate and care about his character way more than I ever did during the first season.

Utapri S2 Ep 7 Img 0020Satsuki was born from Natsuki’s despair after he had been taken advantage of by a woman who had stolen and disappeared with a precious song he had written as a child. From that day on, Satsuki’s reason for existence was to protect Natsuki from being taken advantaged by others and getting hurt- of course as result he doesn’t trust anyone. While Natsuki has no recollection as Satsuki, nor does he actually know about him as a person- he has however always felt that there was someone watching over him and protecting him- but even so, Natsuki desires to become stronger which was something Satsuki had eventually come to realize after Haruka had showed him the song Natsuki had wrote. This is actually really meaningful and touching moment because right then and there, Satsuki acknowledged that Natsuki has grown and that he desires to change. He respected that by taking Cecil’s sunglasses and putting them on himself.

Utapri S2 Ep 7 Img 0029I am a huge fan of Natsuki’s songs, and this one today was just…. I loved the lyrics and he sings it absolutely beautifully. Once again, I cannot wait to hear the full version along with the second song that will be on his Idol CD as well.

Finally last but not least, I absolutely enjoyed the boy’s teamwork with handling Satsuki. Both Syo and Otoya took a handful of risks while the others for most part kept their distance. So kudos to them for their bravery.

It’s another short and sweet entry, but needless to say, I think that’s all there is really to be said. It was a very simple, refreshing, enjoyable episode from start to finish! It was something I needed to lighten up my mood and make up for last week’s BORING episode.

Believe it or not, if it’s going to be another boy’s episode it will be Cecil next week! Shocking right? One would think Tokiya would have his episode before Cecil! But nope, he is in fact supposed to be the last one.



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