Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 6: Saki’s True Personality

“I want to be famous!”
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Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 6 Img 0019Okay what the fuck just happened?
No seriously, what the fuck just happened to Saki’s character? One minute she’s all guarded and everything and then after she kisses Haruto she acts like she’s high on something with her crazy “Happy” personality.
You know what really annoys me? They could have easily pointed out last week when Saki was singing that she used to be an idol. On top of that, I REALLY. REALLY DISLIKE HOW OBSESSED SHE IS FOR BECOMING FAMOUS. Or rather, more accurately, I REALLY HATE HOW HER CHARACTER TURNED OUT TO BE. She is absolutely insane (and incredibly cunning- which is probably the only ‘good’ thing). Like, give me my cool under fire Saki back! ;A; Was it really necessary to make her this type of character? It was just way too sudden/out of blue, and honestly she felt SO OUT of character. It didn’t feel natural at all- if anything, forced. So long story short, this episode pissed me off (of course it didn’t help that I was moody to begin with). No I don’t hate Saki, it will probably take time for her new err…true personality to grow on me.
But lets face it, this show went from something great, to turning into something ridiculous! Last week’s high school musical episode was basically that very moment when the Titanic hit the iceberg and it was during this episode that it started sinking. Now I am genuinely concerned how the rest of this series is going to play out and to be safe, I am lowering my expectations. Lets all hope for the best possible outcome, I would really hate to see this show waste it’s potential and crash and burn. TT^TT

Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 6 Img 0018Lets talk about the new Valvrave, Carmilla as Saki named it. So unfortunately they are not skins, but separate entities awaiting to be registered with a pilot. L-Elf had decided to use Saki as a test subject to see whether she lives or not, but what he doesn’t seem to realize- as far as I’m concerned, the individual Valvrave unit will only reject those who are not ‘registered’ as it’s official pilot. I don’t think there anything that has to do with the requirement of the person itself, unless of course as I mentioned last week there is more than meets the eye when Saki had decided to bite Takahi- which is something that will either turn out as a stupid idea of ‘she thought it would magically happen’ or a plothole they fail to address. L-Elf had also mentioned an important fact that the school itself was probably part of the plans- or to serve as a cover while they build the Valvrave in the school’s ‘ruins’.

It was very interesting to hear X-eins’ theory about the Valvrave units- at least Haruto’s for sure excelling more in Close-Combat and struggles with Long-Range-Combat. However once Saki figured out how to properly use Carmilla, she was able to turn the tables a bit with the help of Shouko and the others cheering her own. Carmilla admittedly has quite a unique design, as she has spider-like legs that allows her to manually dodge from incoming blows. It makes her extremely agile in a space of no gravity.

I am not surprised to see that the Dorrisian Army ended up attacking them (after all they aren’t the type to idle). It turns out that the Dorrisian Army never actually lost them, but instead they decided to take their sweet time surround them and ARUS’s command ship (that the Governor was in), who were blown up by the psychotic red kid on the spot.

Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 6 Img 0043However now that the Dorrisian Commander(?) Cain is aware about Valvrave having two entities, he has quickly formed a new plan since the situation has changed. In the mean time, A-drei has successfully sneaked into Neverland (what else am I supposed to call this module? Do they even have a name since they’ve claimed independence?) and I imagine this will be the perfect opportunity for L-Elf to easily clear his name by showing A-drei the Valvraves. And if the remaining units are still waiting for a pilot to be registered, then he and L-Elf could probably easily steal one. The only problem is that it’s just a dangerous test since we don’t know whether if the system has an requirement beside resigning as a human. Like they need to throw in a dummy/robot or something- not that it probably would work… Either way, if they do decide to take the risk and register themselves as the pilots then that will be a huge game-changer.

Before I finish, I would like to mention that I will be away next week with limited internet access. Either someone else will be filling in or if they are too busy, then I will only get around to covering Episode 7 on Monday or Tuesday. This applies to Maou-Sama and DATE A LIVE as well.



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  1. cloud8100 says:

    Saki was annoying this ep. It would’ve been cool that she was piloting a valvrave if she wasn’t so damn obsessed with only doing everything for fame. I quite liked her in the previous eps but now… ugh.

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