Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince Episode 8

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince Ep 8 0020


Linzz doesn’t have time to cover this series anymore, so I’ll be doing this on my own.

Whoa this was thoroughly action-packed episode. There wasn’t a moment to breathe at all, they just fought throughout the entire thing. Considering how for most part it was a one-sided battle on the ‘regular’ military side against the advanced Wulguru Army (thanks to their carriers being equipped with defensive magnetic fields) both Team Doberman and Team Rabbit were able to hold their ground and re-organize themselves after Izuru had appointed Toshikazu as the substitute leader while he has been ordered to fight and deal with Jiato. Toshikazu has proven this episode to be an excellent sub-leader and showed us what he is truly capable of, something hasn’t been showcased over the past few battles they have already experienced. I am glad that he isn’t being overwhelmed by a stomach ache and is able to remain focus, calculated and together with Kei launch a counter attack plan.

Tamaki’s role in the group can be really random at times since unless she is under strict orders, she will just rashly launch herself everywhere and anywhere as result putting herself at risk in being caught in the crossfire more than once. She immensely enjoys plowing through the enemies, but it’s not smart whatsoever and just plain stupid. Tamaki needs to learn to think before she acts, and I hope this will be one of the her development that will be addressed before the show ends.

Izuru was surprisingly able to keep up and hold his ground against Jiato. It was quite nerve-wracking to watch at the last second of their fight since they were both caught off-guard and shocked to see that they were both left vulnerable after their last attack. They had actually both cracked through their armor/suits revealing their cockpit and as result got to see each other. Earlier this episode they had pointed out they didn’t really know what type of beings Wulguru were as they have never seen them in person. As Izuru has now seen Jiato firsthand, he realizes that not only he can speak (in a foreign language) but also that he looks human.  However one of the most interesting observation that Izuru had made was that Jiato resembled the girl (Theoria) he had met at the water park.

Next episode it looks like Izuru will be talking with the girl and perhaps give us more information on the Wulguru and whether she has any connection with them.

Ahahahah… I can finally go to bed… /SOBS


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  1. Wanderer_YS says:

    I don’t think Jiato’s unit got damaged (since it was clearly that Izuru’s sword got cleaved into three pieces, and hence the cockpit wound). I guess he was just surprised somewhat (maybe how much they look alike? Or maybe he had seen Izuru before? Who knows).

    More incompetent superior build ups this episode.

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